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Empowering you with compassionate care on every step of the magical journey from conception to childbirth.
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Department of Obstetrics

The Department of Obstetrics at Surya Hospital is a hub of excellence, dedicated to helping you with unconditional support and unparalleled care on one of the most beautiful journeys of your life. With a highly experienced and skilled team of Obstetricians, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with exceptional care throughout your pregnancy, labour and at the time of birthing. Our team follows a patient-centric approach that prioritizes your comfort. We are at the forefront of providing the most comprehensive and advanced facilities for ensuring your and your little one’s well-being. We understand that every journey is unique and try to make it more special by nurturing your well-being. 

Becoming a mother helps you discover your true strengths and we are here to make sure that nothing holds you back.


We strive to give our patients a supportive and compassionate environment since we understand that pregnancy and childbirth can be challenging for many women. We offer expertise in a variety of obstetrics services, such as:

  • Prenatal Care: It primarily focuses on providing comprehensive health support to women during the span of pregnancy. We offer personalized pre-natal care that encompasses routine check-ups, medical history evaluation, risk assessment, ultrasounds, scans, nutritional guidance and symptom management
  • Delivery and Labour: To make sure that our patients have a happy and hassle-free childbirth experience, we provide a variety of pain management alternatives, including epidurals. Our team specializes in a wide range of birthing procedures including the latest modalities like water birth

What makes Surya Hospital stand out?

The Obstetrics Department at Surya Hospitals is committed to giving women the best care possible throughout their pregnancy and childbirth journey because we recognise that pregnancy and childbirth are important experiences in a woman's life and we firmly believe that every woman should have easy access to high-quality healthcare.

In addition to offering first-rate treatment for expectant mothers and new mothers, we also provide a variety of services to support women in maintaining their reproductive health. For the purpose of assisting women in making knowledgeable decisions regarding their reproductive health, we offer family planning services, including contraception counselling and education. Additionally, we provide testing and therapy for assistance in managing menopause as well as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

We at the Department of Obstetrics think that assistance and education are crucial elements of high-quality healthcare. In order to assist our patients and their families in overcoming the difficulties associated with pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood, we provide a variety of educational programmes and support groups. In addition to offering parenting classes to assist expectant parents in preparing for the birth of their child, our lactation consultants offer breastfeeding knowledge and support.

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Meet the compassionate souls behind our services. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to ensure you receive the best care, always

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Obstetrics Department provide?

Prenatal, delivery and postoperative care are all offered by the Department of Obstetrics to expectant patients.


When should I make an appointment for my first Prenatal visit?

As soon as you think you could be pregnant, or sooner if your doctor recommends it, make an appointment for your first prenatal visit.


What part does an Obstetrician play in Pregnancy?

Obstetricians oversee the mother's and baby's health, offer advice on a safe pregnancy, and handle any issues that may develop.


Is routine Ultrasound care a required component of Prenatal Care?

It is true that routine ultrasounds are frequently performed to track fetal progress, look for anomalies, and calculate the due date.


In the case of an emergency, how may I get in touch with the Obstetrician?

Speak with the hospital where you are being treated, and they will tell you how to get in touch with the on-call obstetrician. Prenatal check-ups typically include the provision of emergency contact information.


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