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Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

Unparalleled expertise to help your child overcome psychosocial challenges in the way of their developmental milestones
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Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

We offer a comprehensive approach to helping children with developmental and behavioural issues and bring together a team of expert pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, and other medical specialists, who coordinate to curate the finest management strategies. To help parents better understand and handle their child's behavioural and developmental concerns, Surya Hospitals offers education and counselling. The experts at the hospital will advise you on how to support your little one’s behaviour and development through various personalized methods and techniques.

Your little hero may be fighting a battle you know nothing about. At Surya Hospital we offer world-class care and support to help children overcome the social and mental challenges that may be holding them back.

What is Developmental & Behavioural Pediatrics?

Developmental & Behavioural Pediatrics is a distinct sub-speciality of Pediatrics that focuses on the assessment, diagnosis and management of developmental and behavioural abnormalities in children.

Children with challenges in areas like communication, socialization, learning, and behaviour are evaluated and treated using a personalized approach that involves their parents as well.

How does Developmental & Behavioural Pediatrics benefit your child?

Pediatric developmental and behavioural medicine plays a crucial role in the early detection and treatment of children with developmental and behavioural abnormalities.

Children are more likely to realize their full potential and lead satisfying lives if such abnormalities are dealt with at a young age. There are many illnesses and conditions covered under developmental and behavioural pediatrics, thus it's crucial for parents and medical professionals to be aware of these symptoms in order to offer the right assistance and care for the impacted youngsters.

Early detection and intervention are essential since they can help to treat the problem, stop the condition from progressing and even alleviate the symptoms.

Additionally, parents can get the information and resources they need to assist their child's growth and behaviour. Parents can discover techniques to assist their children in managing their symptoms and acquiring skills that will enhance their quality of life through education and counselling.

Common Developmental & Behavioural problems in kids:

What causes Developmental and Behavioural disabilities in kids?

Developmental and Behavioural disabilities can be a result of varied factors. In many cases, these are a result of congenital abnormalities in the brain and nervous system, which may be linked to excessive alcohol intake and substance abuse during pregnancy, underlying genetic abnormalities, lack of proper nutrition and serious infections.

It is important to understand that some children may develop such problems even if the parents are completely healthy. It happens when the child’s brain does not develop as it is supposed to.

How do we help children with developmental and Behavioural disabilities?

At Surya Hospital, we offer various different approaches to assess and treat children with such disabilities. A comprehensive treatment strategy is planned based on a thorough evaluation of the child's behaviour and social interaction. The parents are involved in the coping strategy to help them understand their child condition better and enable them to help their little ones at home. A multidisciplinary strategy is used to do this, involving the cooperation of pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other medical specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children with Developmental Abnormalities lead a normal life?

Children with developmental abnormalities can lead a fulfilling life with proper care, support and guidance.

When is the right time to see a Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrician?

It is advisable to consult a developmental and Behavioural pediatricoian if you have any concerns related to your child's psychosocial development or if you notice any unusual behavior. 

What are the common symptoms associated with Autism?

A child with autism is likely to present with symptoms like repetitive behaviour, restricted interests and problems with interaction. 


What is OCD?

Obsessive Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a condition in which the child’s mind is overcrowded with unwanted and often unpleasant thoughts, which can lead to anxiety.

Can a Developmental and Behavioural pediatrician diagnose ADHD?

Yes, developmental and Behavioural pediatricians can help to diagnose various complex Behavioural problems, including ADHD. 

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