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Department of Diet and Nutrition

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Department of Diet and Nutrition

Start your path towards optimal health at Surya Hospitals, where we consider nutrition and diet to be potent instruments for well-being. Beyond traditional methods, our committed team of dietitians and nutritionists aims to provide people with the information and direction they need to make decisions that will promote long-term health advantages. Our experts are prepared to offer customized plans catered to your specific needs, whether your goal is to lead a healthy lifestyle or require dietary support for particular health issues. Our dietitians and nutritionists at Surya Hospitals are aware of the significant influence nutrition may have on general health. We seek to simplify the intricacies of nutrition through training programs and one-on-one consultations, assisting you in making sustainable decisions that support your health objectives. From creating balanced meal plans to addressing dietary requirements for specific health issues, we are here to help. At Surya Hospitals, your health and happiness are our top priorities, and we are here to help you live a better, more energetic life.

Sometimes, all it takes to uncomplicate your journey to optimal wellness is making the right dietary and nutritional choices. We, at Surya Hospital offer all the guidance you need to make sure you are on the right track.


Our Diet & Nutrition Department provides a variety of services tailored to your specific requirements. We offer evidence-based nutrition counselling, education, and support to assist you in making sound dietary decisions. Among our primary services are:

  • Personalized Nutrition Assessments: Our licensed dietitians conduct in-depth evaluations of your food habits, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors and particular nutritional needs. This information enables us to create personalized nutrition regimens based on your specific circumstances and goals.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: Our dietitians can give specialized nutrition therapy if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal issues or food allergies. We collaborate with your medical team to create a complete treatment plan that promotes your entire health and well-being.
  • Weight Management Programmes: Our dietitians provide personalized weight management programmes aimed at obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight. We offer personalized meal plans, behaviour modification tactics, and continuing assistance to help you achieve long-term weight loss success.

What makes Surya Hospitals stand out?

As a leader in the field of nutrition and diet, Surya Hospitals distinguishes itself by adhering to a personalized approach that acknowledges the individuality of every person's health journey. Our dietitians are aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. Using a tailored strategy, they evaluate not only food choices but also unique health conditions and desired health outcomes. Surya Hospitals guarantees that nutritional regimens are not only effective but also sustainable by customizing dietary advice to the unique circumstances of each individual, making the pursuit of improved health a unique and attainable undertaking.

Surya Hospitals distinguishes itself by skillfully fusing food treatment with other medical specialities, promoting a multidisciplinary integration that promotes comprehensive well-being. This all-encompassing approach makes sure that dietary changes are part of a more comprehensive, well-thought-out plan for general health. When it comes to managing weight, boosting overall well-being, or treating chronic diseases, our multidisciplinary team at Surya Hospitals works together to ensure a thorough and integrated strategy that improves the efficacy and durability of dietary methods. It takes more than simply a meal plan to reach maximum health; it takes a concerted effort directed by professionals committed to your total well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nutrition and Diet, and what makes it important?

The focus of Diet and Nutrition is on what we consume and how it affects our health. It is essential for maintaining general health, promoting physiological processes, and averting illnesses.

Are Dietitians just able to assist when it comes to managing weight?

Dietitians help with a range of nutritional requirements, such as managing weight, providing dietary advice for particular medical conditions, and promoting general well-being.

How can I determine if I need a Dietician?

If you have any Dietary restrictions, medical issues, or specific health goals, speak with a Nutritionist. Most sessions include talking about assessing your lifestyle, and diet, and developing a customized nutrition plan.

Can Vegetarians follow the diet plans offered by Surya Hospitals?

Certainly. Our Nutritionists customize regimens to meet a range of dietary needs and tastes, guaranteeing efficacy and inclusion.

Can Diabetes or Heart disease, be supported by Diet and Nutrition?

Yes, our Dietitians are experts at developing dietary regimens that support improved health outcomes by being in line with the management of a variety of medical problems.

Still have questions?

It is good to be curious when it comes to your health, but, it is equally important to put your curiosity to rest by seeking expert opinion. Have more questions related to your health?

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