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Department of Neonatology

The role of a Neonatologist starts as soon as a child is born and generally extends up to 4 weeks (or more) following the birth. At Surya Hospital, we have a dedicated team of experts to take care of your baby with the same commitment and compassion as you would, because it is this care that lays the foundation of their healthier tomorrow. The Neonatology unit is outfitted to handle complex cases and excels in offering comprehensive care to every newborn. We are at the forefront of innovation and strive to offer patient-centric care, that keeps your baby’s comfort and safety at the forefront. 

It is the beginning of a new life and we are here to ensure a healthy start with the most comprehensive care and world-class facilities

Area of expertise 

  • High-risk pregnancy: High-risk pregnancies are seen in women who have existing health issues that can interfere with normal childbirth or negatively impact the health of the baby. You will be required to see a neonatologist prior to the birthing procedure. The mother and the child are closely monitored to ensure timely medical action, if/when required.
  • Complications during childbirth: Childbirth complication is an umbrella term used for any abnormal/adverse event that may occur when a mother is in labour or during delivery. Common Childbirth complications that may call for the need for a neonatologist include failure to progress, heavy bleeding and placenta previa. 

What makes Surya Hospital stand out?
The first few weeks following childbirth are extremely crucial as it is during this time that the baby develops a proper feeding pattern and bonds with his/her parents. At the time of birth, the immune system of a baby is not fully developed and as such there are high risks of infections. Most congenital defects and abnormalities are also detected/diagnosed during this stage. Such babies require comprehensive care that focuses on their holistic development and well-being while bringing down the risks of life-threatening complications.

At Surya Hospitals, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art perinatal care integrated using the finest technology and expertise of a dedicated team of neonatologists specializing in the management of the most complex birth abnormalities, perinatal diseases and other related complications. We have a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), equipped with the latest machines and equipment that help us to take care of your little one with added precision and safety. Our team strives to offer round-the-clock care for catering to your baby’s special needs. To ensure easy access to safe breast milk in emergency situations, we also have a dedicated Human Milk Bank, adhering to stringent quality-control standards. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neonatology?

Neonatology is a highly specialized branch of medicine, that primarily focuses on the management of various medical conditions, diseases and complications in newborn babies, predominantly those who are less than 4 weeks old. 

Neonatology is a relatively new field of medicine that has seen immense advancements over the past few decades. There have been significant technological developments and innovations that have made it easier to manage many perinatal complications, especially in prematurely born babies. 

What is the long-term outlook for preterm babies?

Preterm babies are at a considerably higher risk of having developmental deficits, however, with proper medical intervention and regular check-ups such babies can lead a healthy and fulfilling life with minimal to completely no deficits.

What services does the Department of Neonatology offer?

Various state-of-the-art facilities offered by the Department of Neonatology at Surya Hospital, include:

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic modalities like x-rays, echocardiograms and ultrasounds.
  • Nutritional support for infants through dedicated Human Milk Banks
  • Thorough evaluation and assessment of babies right from birth
  • Robust care for babies born with complications
  • Dedicated NICU facility
For how long does a baby need to stay in the NICU?

The time your baby needs to spend in the NICU primarily depends on the overall condition of the baby and their prognosis. It can range from anywhere between a couple of hours to several months. 

What are the signs of respiratory distress in babies?

Various signs of respiratory distress in babies include:

  • Rapid breathing
  • Grunting unusual sounds 
  • Change in the colour of lips, toes and fingers
  • Flaring of nostrils
  • Low urine output

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