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Laryngology at Surya Hospitals is a specialist division of our all-inclusive ENT services devoted to the diagnosis and management of disorders affecting the throat and larynx. Laryngology treats a wide range of conditions, such as throat abnormalities, voice problems, and swallowing problems. Our skilled laryngologists are dedicated to providing individualized, compassionate care, and they make use of cutting-edge diagnostic methods like laryngeal imaging to accurately evaluate the health of the throat and voice. 

Precision in Every Utterance: Surya Hospitals is shaping your unique vocal Tapestry.

What is Laryngology?

It is a sub-speciality of ENT that addresses problems related to the voice, throat and oral cavity. This involves congenital diseases, acquired ailments, traumatic injuries and cancers. The team uses state-of-the-art modalities from across the globe, to ensure unparalleled treatment and care to the patients.

What are the conditions treated in Laryngology?

How do we diagnose you?

Various diagnostic tests are used to examine and diagnose diseases in laryngology that specialize in the study and treatment of conditions associated with the throat and larynx. The following are some typical laryngology diagnostic tests:


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consult a Laryngologist?

See a Laryngologist if you have any vocal abnormalities, chronic hoarseness, trouble swallowing, sore throat, or other throat-related problems.

What is Laryngoscopy?

Laryngoscopy is a diagnostic process in which the larynx and vocal cords are visually examined using a tiny tube equipped with a camera, called a laryngoscope.

How is the function of the voice cords measured?

Tests like videostroboscopy, which records slow-motion images of vocal cord vibrations during speech, are frequently used to evaluate vocal cord function.

Can voice abnormalities be treated by Laryngologists?

Laryngologists do, in fact, specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of voice abnormalities. They may employ a range of techniques, including voice therapy or surgery.

What is a swallow study with barium?

A barium swallow study is a diagnostic procedure that uses X-rays to track the flow of a barium contrast solution down the throat in order to measure swallowing function.

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