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Rhinology at Surya Hospitals is a speciality area within our all-inclusive ENT services that concentrates on the diagnosis and management of sinus and nasal conditions. A vast range of illnesses are included in the field of rhinology, including nasal anatomical anomalies, sinusitis, and congestion. Our skilled rhinologists are committed to offering individualized care and treating problems affecting the sinuses and nasal passages with cutting-edge therapies and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment. 

In every breath, relies a promise of nasal wellness by Surya Hospitals.

What is Rhinology?

It is a subspecialty of ENT, entirely dedicated to the effective management of the entire gamut of ailments involving the nose, using medication and surgical modalities. The department specializes in all kinds of procedures, ranging from simple to complex and offers specially curated plans based on detailed evaluation.

What are the conditions treated in Rhinology?

How do we diagnose you?

Several diagnostic procedures are used in the field of rhinology to evaluate and identify problems pertaining to the sinuses and nose. The following are a few typical rhinology diagnostic tests:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is sinusitis treatable by Rhinologists?

Depending on the severity and origin, rhinologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sinusitis. They employ a variety of procedures, ranging from drugs to endoscopic sinus surgery.

What is Endoscopy of the nose?

A thin tube with a camera is used during a diagnostic technique called a nasal endoscopy to visually inspect the sinuses and nasal passages in order to help find structural abnormalities or polyps.

Do symptoms from my nose require an allergy test?

To determine the allergens causing nasal symptoms and to develop individualized allergy care plans, allergy testing may be suggested.

Is it possible for Rhinologists to treat respiratory issues with the nose?

By locating and correcting obstructions or anomalies in the nasal cavity, rhinologists can evaluate and treat respiratory issues.

What is Sinus Endoscopic Surgery (ESS)?

Rhinologists can directly visualize and treat sinus issues, like removing nasal polyps or opening blocked sinuses, via endoscopic sinus surgery, a less invasive treatment.

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