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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Movement Matters: Empowering Lives Through Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Surya Hospitals recognises the value of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in restoring function, improving mobility, and improving quality of life for those dealing with orthopaedic disorders, accidents, or surgeries. Our professional physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to delivering thorough and personalised care to help you restore your strength, flexibility, and independence.

In every stretch, find the strength to rewrite your story—a journey guided by our dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation experts.

What is physiotherapy and rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy, sometimes referred to as physical therapy, is a speciality area of medicine that works with patients to improve and regain their physical function and mobility. Physiotherapists use a variety of methods, exercises, and manual therapies that are customized for the patient's specific requirements. Improving general physical health is the main goal, whether this is done by treating particular injuries, controlling long-term illnesses, or encouraging general well-being. On the other hand, the term "rehabilitation" is more general and refers to a range of medical procedures meant to help people regain their capacity for independent living. Physiotherapy is frequently used in conjunction with other interdisciplinary fields including occupational therapy and speech therapy. Programs for rehabilitation are intended to assist in the healing process following surgery, disease, or trauma, promoting flexibility and fortitude in the face of medical difficulties. In tandem, physiotherapy and rehabilitation provide all-encompassing, individualized care by enabling people to reclaim and sustain their ideal level of physical health and well-being.

Conditions that are treated

Numerous disorders are treated with physiotherapy and rehabilitation, such as:


Frequently Asked Questions

When is it advised to get physiotherapy?

In order to promote physical health and speed up recovery from a variety of diseases, including surgeries, chronic pain, injuries, and mobility problems, physiotherapy is advised.

What takes place in a session of physical therapy?

The goal of a physiotherapy session is to enhance movement, strength, and flexibility through evaluations, exercises, and manual treatments customized to your individual needs.

What is the average duration of a rehabilitation program?

The length of time varies according to the goals and conditions of each individual. While longer-term rehabilitation may be necessary in more difficult circumstances, short-term treatments might just last a few weeks.

Is physiotherapy able to alleviate persistent pain?

Certainly, manual therapy, exercises, and education on pain management techniques can help physiotherapy effectively manage chronic pain.

Is physical therapy limited to athletes?

No, physiotherapy helps individuals and treats a broad range of illnesses from injuries to chronic health difficulties, for people of all ages and activity levels.

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