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Beyond the science, beyond the cells, it's about preserving the poetry of your future – Fertility Preservation.
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Fertility Preservation

For a variety of reasons, starting the process of fertility preservation is a deliberate and powerful choice that many people make. When the moment is appropriate for you, you can choose to start a family through the process, regardless of the reason—medical treatments, job goals, or personal decisions. Preserving eggs, sperm, or embryos to ensure their viability for later use is known as fertility preservation. This kind of choice gives you the ability to take charge of your reproductive destiny whether you're undergoing medical treatments like chemotherapy that could affect your fertility or you want to delay having children for sentimental reasons. Your specific circumstances are carefully considered while designing the procedures, and Surya’s caring healthcare staff is committed to making sure you feel comfortable and understood every step of the way. The goal of this journey is to provide you with options and peace of mind, and our expert team is here to support you at every turn with knowledge and compassion. Your journey towards fertility preservation is a personalised and comforting way to safeguard your future aspirations of starting a family.

Embracing the future with open arms – Fertility Preservation, where today's choices become tomorrow's joys.


Our Fertility and Preservation Department provides complete fertility preservation services in addition to assisting couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant. We comprehend that people may decide to delay family planning as a result of unforeseen events in their lives. Our professionals can help you through the process whether you are undergoing medical procedures that can compromise your fertility, such as chemotherapy or radiation, or you just want to maintain your fertility for future family planning. Some of our alternatives for fertility preservation are:

By using these methods, you can keep your reproductive cells or embryos, preserving the chance of conception whenever you're ready to create a family in the future. You will receive the advice, support, and information you require from our committed staff in order to decide on fertility preservation in an informed manner.

What makes Surya Hospitals stand out?

What sets Surya Hospitals apart is our genuine commitment to your journey, particularly with regard to maintaining your fertility. Think of us as the location where knowledge and compassion converge. In addition to being a highly skilled team, we also consist of compassionate people who recognize that this journey is about more than simply medical proceduress about your dreams, your feelings, and your own story.

The kindness of our treatment is what makes Surya Hospitals unique. We use the most recent techniques and methods to give you the best chance of successfully protecting your fertility. Beyond that, though, we recognize that this process might provide emotional difficulties, we're here to aid not just with the medical aspect but also with a helping hand, a sympathetic ear, and unfailing support. More than just a medical facility, Surya Hospitals is a place where your goals are fostered with knowledge, empathy, and a sincere commitment to your well-being. Your journey with us is about building a future full of possibilities and hope, not just about maintaining fertility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the leading causes of Female Infertility?

Some of the leading causes of female infertility include:

  • Anovulatory menstrual cycle
  • Certain autoimmune disorders 
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Cervical obstruction
  • Endometriosis 
  • Uterine defects 
  • Advanced age 
Can stress lead to Infertility?

Stress does not cause infertility but it does increase the chances of the same by disrupting the production and function of reproduction hormones. 

Can Infertility be cured completely?

Yes infertility can be cured completely in some cases, however, this does not hold true for everyone. It primarily depends on the underlying cause.

What is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility Preservation is a technique of preserving one’s reproductive tissues, gametes or embryos, to plan pregnancy in future. 

What are the most common types of assisted reproductive techniques?

The most common types of assisted reproductive techniques are in vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and Intrauterine insemination (IUI).

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