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Surya Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant Centre specialise in the treatment of blood problems such as Anemia. In India, the overall frequency of Anemia among women aged 15 to 49 was 53.1% in past years. The frequency was 58.5% among children aged 6-59 months. We pledge to provide you with a thorough explanation of Anemias, its causes, its many forms, typical symptoms, and treatment options accessible at our institution.

Paving the way to optimal wellness with a comprehensive approach to managing Anemia.

What is Anemia?

Anemias are a set of blood illnesses characterised by a reduction in the number of red blood cells or a low haemoglobin content in the blood. Haemoglobin is in charge of transporting oxygen from the lungs to various regions of the body. When the body does not produce enough red blood cells or haemoglobin, it produces a variety of symptoms and health concerns.

Types of Anemia

There are various varieties of Anemia, each with its own set of causes and symptoms.

Some examples of frequent types are:

What are the causes of Anemia?

Anemias are caused by the following factors:

How Do We Diagnose You?

Our thorough diagnostic tests below at Surya Hospitals seek to identify the precise kind and etiology of Anemia, directing us toward individualized and successful treatment plans for your best health.


Surya Hospital's Bone Marrow Transplant facility provides a complete range of treatment options for managing Anemia.

Among the most prevalent treatment methods are:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Anemia caused by iron deficiency treated?

If the underlying cause of the iron shortage is found, treatment options may include iron supplements, dietary modifications, and other measures.

Is Anemia the same in all forms?

No, there are several kinds of Anemia, each with a unique cause. These include hemolytic Anemias, iron deficiency Anemias, vitamin deficiency Anemias, and hereditary disorders. Different techniques for diagnosis and therapy are needed for each.

Can Anemia impact people of different ages?

It is true that Anemia affects people of all ages, including young children and the elderly. Some forms of Anemia may be more common in certain age groups.

Is Anemia a serious illness?

The severity and cause of Anemia determine how serious it is. While severe cases could necessitate medical intervention, mild ones could be handled with lifestyle modifications.

Can Anemia occur in pregnant women?

Due to the growing needs of both the mother and the developing fetus, iron deficiency Anemia can occur during pregnancy. Monitoring and treating Anemia in expectant mothers is a common aspect of prenatal care.

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