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Geriatric Orthopedics

Mobility Redefined: Geriatric Orthopedics at Every Step of Aging Gracefully
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Geriatric Orthopedics

Surya Hospitals recognizes that the musculoskeletal health of elderly persons necessitates specialized care. Our experienced team of orthopaedic specialists is committed to providing elders with thorough and compassionate care for orthopaedic disorders. With our geriatric orthopaedic expertise, we hope to improve the quality of life for our senior patients while also assisting them in maintaining their mobility and independence.

Your journey to musculoskeletal wellness begins here, with geriatric orthopedics that respects the wisdom of years and prioritizes your unique needs.

What is Geriatric Orthopedics?

A subspecialty of orthopedic medicine known as "geriatric orthopedics" treats musculoskeletal problems in senior citizens, usually those 65 years of age and older. Many orthopedic disorders, including osteoarthritis, fractures, joint degeneration, and osteoporosis, can impair a person's mobility and quality of life as they age. Specialists in geriatric orthopedics are educated to recognize the special difficulties associated with age, taking into account elements such as frailty, bone density, and concurrent medical disorders. Their methodology entails thorough evaluations, customized therapy regimens, and an emphasis on improving functional independence. Geriatric orthopedics strives to improve mobility, reduce pain, and enhance overall musculoskeletal health in older adults by utilizing a combination of conservative measures, rehabilitative techniques, and surgical interventions when needed. This promotes an active and independent lifestyle in older adults.

Common conditions that affect elders

Numerous health issues, many of which impact the musculoskeletal system, are common among the elderly. Typical ailments affecting senior citizens include:

When should you consult our experts?

The following are typical symptoms for a range of illnesses that commonly affect the elderly:



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Back Pain

Joint Replacements

How do we diagnose you?

Diagnostic Tests for Geriatric Orthopedic Conditions:


Frequently Asked Questions

How are the conditions in Geriatric orthopedics identified?

By physical examinations, radiological tests, and occasionally blood tests.

How are arthritis cases in senior citizens handled?

Therapy, medication, and joint replacement if necessary are the treatment options for arthritis in elders.

Is it possible to prevent falls?

Sure, with workouts, inspections for home safety, and vision tests.

How frequently are joints replaced?

Yes, in the case of severely damaged knees or hips.

Is physical treatment beneficial?

Yes. Strength, flexibility, and mobility are all enhanced.

Still have questions?

It is good to be curious when it comes to your health, but, it is equally important to put your curiosity to rest by seeking expert opinion. Have more questions related to your health?

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