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Elevating Health Through Specialized Adult Internal Medicine at Surya Hospitals
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Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine (Adult) department at Surya Hospitals is a vital component of our dedication to providing complete healthcare. This crucial department is run by board-certified internists, who guarantee that each patient receives competent care that is customized to meet their unique needs. Our skilled internists treat a wide range of adult health conditions, from diabetes and hypertension to cardiovascular illnesses and respiratory disorders, with an emphasis on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Our internists are committed to our patients' overall well-being; they are more than just experts in medicine. They take the time to learn about each patient's particular health profile and use a personalized approach to create comprehensive healthcare programs that emphasize preventive measures in addition to accurate diagnostic evaluations and successful treatment options. We at Surya Hospitals are dedicated to becoming your health partners.

Area of Expertise:

Our Internal Medicine department provides a comprehensive range of services that are targeted to the specific needs of our adult patients. Among our primary services are:

Navigating Wellness with a personalized and comprehensive approach in Internal Medicine
  • Diagnosis and Treatment: Our expert Internal Medicine specialists excel in diagnosing and managing complicated medical ailments such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal concerns, endocrine disorders, renal diseases, and infectious diseases are examples of them. We aim to provide accurate diagnoses and effective treatments by combining complete physical examinations, modern diagnostic tests, and evidence-based treatment procedures.
  • Chronic Disease Management: We realize that chronic diseases necessitate constant monitoring and care. Our Internal Medicine team works closely with patients to create personalized treatment regimens that address their diseases, enhance their quality of life, and reduce complications. We aim to improve illness control and general well-being by using a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Preventive care: Preventive care is always preferable to curative care. Our Internal Medicine professionals stress the importance of preventative treatment and collaborate with patients to establish tailored strategies to lower the risk of developing chronic diseases. We offer routine health checks, immunisations, health screenings, and other services like lifestyle counselling to assist patients in maintaining maximum health and avoiding future health problems.

What makes Surya Hospitals stand out?

Surya Hospitals is proud of its unique patient-centric approach in the field of adult internal medicine, which has set the standard for individualized care. Our board-certified internists put your health journey first, encouraging a collaborative and transparent exchange of information that transcends conventional medical relations. At Surya Hospitals, we realize that providing quality care entails knowing the patient behind the symptoms as well as the symptoms themselves. Our internists listen intently, making sure that your preferences, worries, and inquiries are taken into consideration while making decisions. A solid doctor-patient relationship is built by this sympathetic and cooperative approach, which lays the groundwork for wise decision-making and a more satisfying medical experience.

Surya Hospitals is unique in the field of adult Internal Medicine because of its dedication to integrated care, which guarantees a thorough comprehension of your well-being. We create a cohesive healthcare strategy by skillfully merging Internal Medicine services with other specialities, going beyond isolated therapies. Our skilled medical teams work together, giving us a full picture of your health profile. This confluence of knowledge guarantees that your healthcare journey at Surya Hospitals is not fragmented but rather a cohesive and well-coordinated effort towards your total well-being, whether addressing chronic conditions or managing complex health challenges. Our devotion to providing a holistic health perspective—recognizing the interdependence of multiple areas of your health for an optimal and sustained quality of life—reflects our commitment to integrated care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see an internist, and what is adult internal medicine?

The prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult health problems are the main objectives of adult internal medicine. For individualized treatment and advice on complicated medical issues, speak with an internist.

What distinguishes adult Internal Medicine from other fields of study?

Comprehensive in its approach, Internal Medicine addresses a broad spectrum of adult health concerns. It acts as the main point of contact for a range of medical issues.

How frequently should I see an internist for checkups?

The number of check-ups needed depends on each person's health requirements. Based on your medical history and risk factors, your internist will provide you with guidance.

Are chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension manageable with the aid of an internist?

Certainly. Internists are adept in treating long-term illnesses, offering
continuing care and, if necessary, liaising with specialists.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

 Bring a list of your current medications, your medical history, and any pertinent test results. The internist can better comprehend your health with this information.

Still have questions?

It is good to be curious when it comes to your health, but, it is equally important to put your curiosity to rest by seeking expert opinion. Have more questions related to your health?

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