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At Surya Hospital’s Bone Marrow Transplant Centre, we are experts in the treatment of blood problems such as Thrombocytopenia. It is believed that thrombocytopenia affects 1% to 3% of the global population. We aim to provide you with a thorough overview of thrombocytopenia, its causes, many forms, prevalent symptoms, and treatment options accessible at our institution.

Sometimes, all you need to fight your toughest battles is a little more expertise. At Surya Hospital, we empower you with exceptional care in your fight against thrombocytopenia

What is Thrombocytopenia?

A Low Platelet Count characterises Thrombocytopenia which falls under the category of Blood Disorders. Platelets are blood cells that play an important part in blood coagulation. Excessive bleeding or trouble clotting after an injury can occur when the platelet count is too low.

Types of Thrombocytopenia

There are several forms of thrombocytopenia, each with its own set of causes and symptoms. Some examples of frequent types are:

What are the causes of Thrombocytopenia?

Thrombocytopenia can be caused by a number of factors, including:

How do we diagnose you?

Our comprehensive and individualized approach to diagnosing thrombocytopenia at Surya Hospitals aims to pinpoint the precise underlying reasons and personalize treatment plans for the best outcomes:


We offer comprehensive thrombocytopenia treatment options at Surya Hospital's Bone Marrow Transplant Department. The specific treatment plan will be determined by the underlying cause, severity, and demands of the individual patient. Among the most prevalent treatment methods are:

Frequently Asked Questions

What signs and symptoms of Thrombocytopenia are typical?

Common symptoms include frequent nosebleeds, extended bleeding from small injuries, and petechiae, which are tiny red or purple spots on the skin.

Is Thrombocytopenia a hereditary condition?

A possible hereditary component for some types of thrombocytopenia is present. Low platelet counts can be caused by inherited factors that can be found through genetic testing.

What is the treatment for Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)?

Immunosuppressive drugs, pharmaceuticals to increase platelet production, or, in extreme situations, splenectomy, may be used as treatments for ITP.

Is Thrombocytopenia preventable?

Preventive measures rely on the root cause. Thrombocytopenia can occasionally be avoided by taking care of underlying medical issues, avoiding certain drugs, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

What alterations to one's lifestyle can help control Thrombocytopenia?

A healthy diet, staying away from risky activities, and stress management can all help people with thrombocytopenia feel better overall. However, depending on the underlying problem, other lifestyle suggestions might apply.

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