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Blood Storage Service

Our cutting-edge blood bank is outfitted with modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies to properly store and handle blood products. To maintain the safety and integrity of the blood supply, we adhere to tight regulatory criteria and standard operating practices. Our dedication to providing a safe, modern facility for the preservation of life-giving blood is demonstrated by our Blood Storage Service, developed to guarantee a secure and easily accessible supply for patients requiring it, our blood storage service is a shining example of readiness and dependability.

Every ounce of blood is a source of hope. We, at Surya Hospital, serve as the bridge between the donors and the recipients, making sure each drop is preserved with utmost care.

What is Blood Storage Service?

Donor blood and blood products are preserved and stored under strictly regulated circumstances as part of the blood storage service. This service guarantees that safe and suitable blood is available for a range of medical interventions, surgical procedures, and emergencies.

How do Blood Storage Services help?

Blood storage services are of utmost importance during complex and crucial medical situations, such as:

What are the benefits of Blood Storage Service?

Our Blood Storage Service Has the Following Benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Blood Storage service vital?

Donor blood is preserved by Blood Storage Services, guaranteeing a safe, readily available supply for emergencies and medical procedures.

Is blood safe to use after storage and for what length of time?

Red blood cells in storage can only be kept for 42 days on average. testing is carried out to guarantee safety prior to .

Is it possible for anybody to donate blood for storage, or are there restrictions?

 Blood storage donors often adhere to the same standards as normal blood donors. Eligibility may be impacted by lifestyle choices, age, and health.

Is it possible to use blood that has been kept for certain medical procedures or treatments?

Indeed, preserved blood is adaptable and useful in a range of medical situations, such as wounds, operations, and therapies.

Is giving blood for storage subject to any costs?

Blood donation for preservation is usually voluntary and unrelated to the donor's direct costs. But particular guidelines could differ, therefore it's best to check with the blood storage facility.

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