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Our commitment is centred on accuracy, lucidity, and creativity, guaranteeing that the best possible knowledge is used to make decisions about your health and well-being.

At Surya Hospitals, our X-ray services extend beyond standard screenings and include a range of diagnostic procedures with prompt, thorough, and accurate findings. We meticulously record every detail using cutting-edge imaging technologies, which reflects our unrelenting dedication to providing the highest quality of healthcare. Our team of highly qualified radiologists and healthcare experts is what makes Surya Hospitals unique. Their extensive knowledge makes sure that each X-ray picture tells a clear and educational story, giving you confidence in your medical journey. We think that knowledge knows no bounds, and our staff is prepared to provide you with the best possible care.

What is X-Ray?

X-ray technology has many broad and significant uses in medicine, and are essential for identifying a wide range of medical illnesses, from the identification of dental problems and lung conditions to the detection of fractures, dislocations, and anomalies in the skeleton.

Furthermore, the possibilities of X-ray technology have been increased by developments in imaging techniques, such as computed tomography (CT) scans, which offer detailed cross-sectional views for more thorough diagnostic insights.

Essentially, X-ray technology is a tribute to the union of scientific advancement and medical creativity, providing a non-invasive window into the workings of the human body and enabling medical practitioners to make judgments that are best for their patient's health.

Explore the extraordinary with X-ray precision — where the invisible becomes visible, mysteries unravel, and a new era of insight begins.

What are the indications of X-RAY?

X-ray imaging is an effective diagnostic technique at Surya Hospitals, offering vital information about a range of medical issues. For a variety of indications, our qualified medical professionals advise X-rays, including:

  • Fractures and Skeletal Abnormalities: X-rays play a crucial role in the accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of fractures, dislocations, and abnormalities within the skeletal structure.
  • Chest and Lung diseases: Chest X-rays are essential for assessing lung diseases and detecting malignancies, infections, or anomalies inside the chest cavity. They also give a detailed image of respiratory health.
  • Dental Difficulties and Oral Health: To provide complete oral care, X-rays are used in dentistry to evaluate dental health and discover abnormalities such as cavities, impacted teeth, or problems with the jawbone.
  • Assessment of Soft Tissue: X-rays provide information about soft tissues, aiding in the diagnosis of disorders of the digestive, respiratory, and heart systems, improving our capacity to deliver specialized medical care.
  • Diagnostic Imaging for All-Inclusive Evaluations: Beyond particular applications, X-rays are an essential part of diagnostic imaging, assisting other modalities such as CT scans in more thorough medical evaluations.

What are the benefits of X-rays?
Selecting Surya Hospitals' X-ray services has several advantages, such as:



At Surya Hospitals, getting an X-ray is a well-organized, patient-focused procedure:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an X-ray if I'm pregnant?

It's essential to inform your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, as they may consider alternative imaging methods to minimize radiation exposure.


What is the average time for an X-ray?

The length differs according to the kind of X-ray. The majority of procedures are brief, usually requiring only a few minutes.

Are there any dangers connected to X-rays?

The radiation exposure with X-rays is negligible. To guarantee the safety of the procedure, our team adheres to stringent safety measures.


Can I eat right before the X-ray?

The radiation exposure with X-rays is negligible. To guarantee the safety of the procedure, our team adheres to stringent safety measures.

When can I expect to receive my results?

Following the procedure, results are usually available shortly after. You and your primary care physician will talk over the results at a follow-up visit.

Still have questions?

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