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Surya Hospitals specializes in providing complete care for the ear and auditory system. An essential component of our ENT services is otology, which is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions pertaining to the ears. Our knowledgeable otologists are dedicated to offering each patient individualized treatment for ailments like structural problems, ear infections, hearing loss, and balance issues. With cutting-edge diagnostic equipment and cutting-edge therapies, we carefully attend to the individual needs of every patient. Our mission at Surya Hospitals is to protect and restore the priceless gift of hearing so that you can fully participate in the lively environment.

In every whisper, every note Surya’s otology is illuminating your hearing wellness.

What is Otology?

It is a subspecialty of ENT that is solely dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions that affect the ears. Our team resorts to the use of the latest modalities and is experienced in performing the most complex procedures including microsurgery, reconstructive surgery and hearing implants.

What are the conditions treated in Otology?

How do we diagnose you?

Various diagnostic tests are used in the field of otology to evaluate and diagnose disorders pertaining to the auditory system and ears. The following are a few typical otology diagnostic tests:


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I visit an Otologist?

See an Otologist if you have any ear-related concerns, including tinnitus (ear ringing), hearing loss, ear pain, dizziness, and balance problems.

What are the typical Otology diagnostic tests?

Electromystagmography (ENG), audiometry, tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions (OAE) testing, and imaging examinations such as CT or MRI scans are among the diagnostic techniques used in otology.

How are Hearing Impairments evaluated?

Audiometry, a test that gauges your capacity to perceive various tones and frequencies, is used to diagnose hearing loss.

Can an Otologist treat an ear infection?

Yes, Otologists diagnose and treat ear infections. They also provide medication and, in certain cases, suggest surgery when necessary.

Can Tinnitus be treated, and what does it entail?

The sensation of tinnitus is noises in the ears that ring or buzz. In order to manage tinnitus, otologists can evaluate the underlying cause and suggest therapies or treatments.

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