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Pediatric Dermatology

Nurturing their delicate skin with a little more compassion and a lot more care
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Pediatric Dermatology

We offer a comprehensive range of services and facilities to manage various pediatric dermatological problems ranging from mild rashes to severe conditions like impetigo. Our experts adhere to stringent safety protocols, to ensure proper infection control. Every treatment plan is curated with a personalized touch while following a child-centric approach and research-driven practices. 

Skin problems can be more complex than you think. At Surya Hospital, we simplify their treatment by bringing together the expertise of our specialized team.

What is Pediatric Dermatology?

Pediatric dermatology focuses on the management of various skin conditions that affect infants and children. This involves diagnosis, assessment and treatment using child-friendly modalities and interventions.

Skin diseases are quite common in kids, primarily due to their weak immune system that is still developing, and sensitive skin.

Management of such problems requires a more specialized approach and calls for the need for added expertise, as offered by a Pediatric Dermatologist.

Common conditions that affect children

Our pediatric dermatology department is well-equipped to treat a wide range of skin disorders in children. Among the most prevalent disorders we diagnose and treat are:

When should you consider seeing our experts?

Dermatological problems manifest in different ways giving rise to a variety of symptoms. The most common of these symptoms, which may call for the need for proper medical intervention, include:

How dermatological problems are diagnosed in children?

In order to diagnose a dermatological problem in kids, our team starts by performing a physical examination and evaluating the childs medical history. This is followed by detailed tests like:


Our department provides a comprehensive range of pediatric dermatological treatments and interventions. These are some examples:

Topical drugs: We use topical drugs such as corticosteroids, antibiotics, antifungals, and immuno-modulators to effectively manage diverse skin disorders and symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we protect a child’s skin from the sun?

Sun protection is very important for kids especially because they tend to have more sensitive skin. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use SPF 30 sunscreen 
  • Make your little one wear protective clothes
  • Keep your little one hydrated 
  • Avoid letting them go out during peak hours
How can Diaper Rashes be managed?

In order to avoid or manage diaper rashes, it is important to change the diaper frequently and use a barrier cream to keep the area dry. 

Are acne always linked to hormonal imbalance?

No, acne is not always linked to hormonal imbalance and it can also be due to the clogging of skin pores owing to excessive oil and dirt. 

Are birthmarks normal?

Most birthmarks are normal and harmless, however in some cases, these could be an indication of some serious underlying health issue. The best way to find out is by consulting a dermatologist. 

Are topical creams safe for kids?

Not all topical creams may be safe for kids and it is better to use these only after consulting a specialist.

Still have questions?

It is good to be curious when it comes to your health, but, it is equally important to put your curiosity to rest by seeking expert opinion. Have more questions related to your health?

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