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Pediatric Ophthalmology

The world is full of beautiful things and we make sure your little one sees them all with clarity
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Pediatric Ophthalmology

We bring together a team of highly skilled and specialized Pediatric Ophthalmology, equipped with best-in-class interventions to address complex eye issues in kids. Every treatment is curated after a thorough assessment, following the most advanced approaches. Our comprehensive eye care services have been curated to empower your child with a sharp vision.

We, at Surya Hospital, offer world-class interventions to make sure an eye problem doesn't hold your child back from envisioning their dreams.

What is Pediatric Ophthalmology?

Pediatric eye problems not only affect a child’s visual development but also impact their confidence and quality of life.

Pediatric Ophthalmology is a specialized branch of pediatric medicine that aims to provide modalities and interventions for addressing eye problems in kids.

From regular check-ups to vision-correcting surgeries, it encompasses all aspects of pediatric eye care.

Common Ophthalmic Conditions that affect children

When should you consider seeing our experts?

It is important to consult our experts if your child presents with any of the following:

How eye problems are diagnosed in children?

Our experts use a wide range of cutting-edge interventions for diagnosing various eye problems in kids. These include:


Our department provides a comprehensive range of treatments and therapies for managing eye problems in kids. These are some examples:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can eye problems in kids be inherited?

Yes, certain eye diseases are linked to genetic factors that may be passed down from parents to kids. These include colour blindness, glaucoma and corneal dystrophies. 

What is Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness or myopia is a condition in which a child can clearly see the objects that are nearby but objects placed at a distance seem blurred. 

Are Contact Lenses safe for kids?

Yes contact lenses are safe for kids, however, you need to consider factors like the child’s age and whether they can learn to use it by themselves. 

What is the right age to get my child's eyes checked by an Ophthalmologist?

You should consider seeing an ophthalmologist for your little one when they reach around 6 months of age or as soon as they present any unusual symptoms.

Yes a child can develop cystic fibrosis. The condition is inherited and passed down from both parents. A child won't develop it if the mutated gene comes from only one parent.

Can using a phone affect my child’s eyes?

Yes, extended and regular exposure to the phone screen can negatively impact your little one’s eyes. 

Still have questions?

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