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Mr. Abhishek Mohan

Mr. Abhishek Mohan

Speech Therapist & Audiologist
Pune, India

Mon, Thu to Sat- 2 PM to 3 PM

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Abhishek Mohan, a Speech-Language Therapist and Audiologist, brings a decade of experience in assisting both children and adults with special needs. With a focus on early childhood development and school-based support. Abhishek finds joy in witnessing his clients' progress, aiming to facilitate speech and language for communication, social interaction, and independence. He emphasizes integrating learning into daily life and play for a holistic developmental approach.


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Developmental Rehabilitation

Titles and Positions

Speech Therapist & Audiologist

Hospital Affiliations

Surya Hospitals, Wakad, Pune
Surya Hospitals, Bhumkar Chowk, Pune


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