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9 Powerful Tips for Staying Healthy During Pregnancy 9 Powerful Tips for Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

9 Powerful Tips for Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Surya Hospital

January 04, 2024 |
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First-time mom? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

A lovely phase is about to begin in your life for the very first time. Being a first-time mom is a very exciting thing, but also overwhelming! There are so many changes your body is experiencing, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster you get a 24-hour free ticket to, for nine whole months. But don’t be afraid. Pregnancy can be managed, enjoyed, even, if you just remember to fulfil your basic self-care needs. Not sure what those are? Here’s a list of healthy pregnancy tips you can use to get going!

9 Powerful Tips for Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

1. Healthy Eating = Happy Baby

The most important pregnancy tip is to eat healthy. Remember, you’re not only eating for yourself now, you’re eating for two. So you’ve got to be mindful about what you consume. After all, you want your baby to be strong, healthy and energetic. So, the nutrients you pack in during pregnancy make a huge difference. Include colorful vegetables and fruits, whole grains, calcium-rich and low-saturated-fat foods in your diet. Don’t worry about the odd cake or ice cream. Those are okay, too, so long as you get enough nutrients.

2. Get Those Prenatal Vitamins

Once you are in your first trimester, you will need to ensure you have a schedule for your prenatal vitamins. Folic acid, iron and calcium are essential nutrients that you need to have on a daily basis for the health of your baby. A cool pregnancy tip is to set a reminder on your phone or clock ten minutes before the time you’re supposed to take your vitamins. That way, you won’t have to worry about whether you took them or not.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Did you know that first-time moms require more water intake during pregnancy than regular people? The water you drink in a day contributes to the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby, keeping it safe and secure. So, a primary pregnancy tip is to get in a lot of fluids in a day, be it water, natural juices, lemonade or water-rich fruits. If you don’t drink enough, you’ll be low on fluids and could run the risk of a miscarriage. Besides, drinking lots of water keeps your kidneys in check, and makes your skin glow!

4. Get Regular Checkups

The first few months of pregnancy can be a bit bumpy and overwhelming for first-time moms. So, stay in touch with your prenatal doctor, and get regular checkups. A good pregnancy tip would be to get a big calendar, in which you can note down all your appointments with your doctor (not just prenatal, but in general if you have any ailments that require monitoring).

5. Stay Mobile

Take some time every day to get some exercise. You may be wondering how moving your body while it’s getting bigger and bigger is going to be helpful, but it actually makes things easier. While you go on an emotional and physical rollercoaster, the exercise helps regulate your sleep and stress levels. And it also prepares your body for the changes before, during and after birth. Low intensity stretches and workouts can help relieve back pain and increase blood circulation. And nothing beats naturally produced endorphins, which is more than welcome during this time.

6. Reduce Exposure

If you are someone who is regular contact with chemicals that could cause birth defects, limit or eliminate exposure to such environments. If it’s a part of your job, you’ll be able to benefit from maternity leave. If you still need to work, request to be given alternative roles that do not require you to work around hazardous gases or liquids that could affect your pregnancy.

7. Rest and Relaxation

You are very likely to feel tired more than usual. Fatigue is a common occurrence with pregnancy and requires attention. Don’t ignore the exhaustion. Sleep it off and make sure you get healthy amounts of rest. Lack of sleep will make you irritable, stressed and cranky, which will, in turn, affect your baby. The more time you give your body to rest and relax, during your pregnancy, the easier it will be to recuperate and take on the coming months.

8. Stay away from

  • Anything raw, especially rare meats
  • Alcohol, smoking and narcotics
  • Stressful environments
  • Soft cheeses like feta, brie, goat cheese
  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Caffeine

9. And most importantly

Have fun! Decorate your nursery. Go shopping for baby products, clothes and toys. Enjoy fun hobbies that require minimal effort but yield maximum joy. Keep a First-Time Mom Journal and note down your thoughts and experiences. Spend time with friends and allow yourself to be pampered by your loved ones. Being pregnant is an absolute joy, so create memories that you can look back on.

Pregnancy isn’t something to be intimidated by any longer. With these healthy pregnancy tips, you’ll be all set for your little one’s arrival! Just remember to have fun and love yourself a little more.

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