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Menstrual Disorders Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual Disorders

Leading-edge approaches and exceptional care to ensure optimal menstrual well-being
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Menstrual Disorders

We understand that menstrual issues can be a cause of concern, discomfort and even anxiety for many women. Our caring and skilled gynaecologists are dedicated to providing personalised care and assistance to ensure a regular and healthy menstrual cycle, that does not disrupt your normal life. 

Don’t let the abnormalities in your menstrual cycle affect your normal life. Seek advanced and innovative care from our experienced team at Surya Hospital.

What is a Menstrual Disorder?

A Menstrual Disorder refers to a wide range of symptoms, both physical and emotional, that you may experience prior to or during your periods.

While some women tend to experience very mild or completely no issues, others may experience a host of severe symptoms, that can be unmanageable at times.

Most Menstrual Disorders can be easily managed by addressing the underlying cause, which calls for the need for accurate diagnosis and expert medical intervention.

Types of Menstrual Disorders:

Menstrual Disorders can be of several different types based on the types of symptoms that you experience. The most common of these are:

What causes Menstrual Disorders?

There are a variety of factors that can be responsible for triggering Menstrual Disorders. These include:

How we diagnose you

At Surya Hospital, we offer a wide range of advanced diagnostic modalities to ensure precision-based diagnosis, which enables our team to treat your disorder with a more personalized approach.

If you are experiencing problems related to your menstruation, our expert will first assess your medical history, evaluate your symptoms and perform a pelvic examination.

Based on the results, you may be recommended to go for further assessments, which include:


Different women require a different approach to managing their menstrual disorders. At Surya Hospital, every treatment plan is curated with a personalized touch, using world-class intervention and adhering to stringent safety protocols.

Your treatment may include any of the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can stress lead to Menstrual Disorders?

Excessive stress can lead to the release of stress hormones like cortisol and endorphins, which can have a direct or indirect impact on the production of reproductive hormones, that are responsible for regulating normal menstruation. Hence, the answer is yes, stress can lead to menstrual disorders.

Can medication help to regulate normal Menstrual cycles?

Yes, certain medications can help to regulate normal menstrual cycles by altering your hormonal levels. These are prescribed by your doctor after thorough evaluation and consideration.

Is Amenorrhea the same as Menopause?

No, amenorrhea and menopause are two different things. The former refers to the absence of periods during the reproductive years of a woman’s life, whereas the latter refers to the end of the reproductive years, which means that you will not have any periods after menopause.

What are the indications of abnormal periods?

Various indications of abnormal periods include:

  • Prolonged menstrual cycles
  • Unusual spotting
  • Heavy or light flow
  • Vaginal bleeds post menopause
  • Bleeding in between periods
  • Severe pain during or before periods
Is it normal to have irregular periods?

It is normal to have irregular periods during the initial years following menarche, i.e. your first period. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of various health issues that could also be responsible for it in some cases.

Still have questions?

It is good to be curious when it comes to your health, but, it is equally important to put your curiosity to rest by seeking expert opinion. Have more questions related to your health?

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