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A Parent's Guide: Making Your Child's First Dental Visit a Pleasant One A Parent's Guide: Making Your Child's First Dental Visit a Pleasant One

A Parent's Guide: Making Your Child's First Dental Visit a Pleasant One

Surya Hospital

January 04, 2024 |
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A Parent’s Guide: Making Your Child’s First Dental Visit a Pleasant One Surya Hospital

It’s fair enough to worry about your child’s first dental visit. At the same time, it is important to know that the right care and treatment will put your child on the road to excellent dental health.  On your first visit, we thoroughly examine and evaluate your child’s dental health, growth, and development.

This is followed by identifying and determining the nature of any existing dental problems. To aid in this evaluation, a diagnostic x-ray is removed. Keep in mind that no treatment will be performed during the first visit unless it is an emergency.

The first visit focuses on building a healthy, trusting relationship between your child and the dentist.  It will also help the parents get accustomed to the dental treatment and the needs of your child. If your child has any special needs, sensory issues or other health concerns, kindly inform us beforehand so that we can better accommodate your child and make the visit easier on them.

5 Useful Tips to Ease The Way

As a parent, you play a critical role in helping your child develop a positive and a healthy attitude towards dental care.  By making your child’s first trip towards the dental office a positive one, you set the stage for a lifetime of good dental care. Let’s have a look at some tips to help prepare your child for his/her first dental care.

  1. It is important that you stay calm and easy-going when you tell your child about their first dental appointment
  2. When you accompany your child to the dentist’s office, keep a positive attitude because your child is often influenced by your presence
  3. Do not over explain the upcoming appointment as this might cause your child to become nervous. Allow us to handle that part. Our experienced staff will make sure that your child enjoys coming back to the dentist’s office
  4. Avoid using words like “hurt”, “pain” and “shot”. Instead, use positive sentences such as “the dentist will be very gentle with you”. This will help them remain calm and ensure that they are more accepting of the first visit to the dentist
  5. Provide a list of any prior medical conditions your child has. This will help us prepare for the visit well in advance

Your child may feel afraid or nervous before his first dental appointment.  However, know that this is a normal reaction, and it will take some time to build trust and rapport. You can trust us to help your child feel at ease and comfortable.  Kids are our speciality and we consider it our top priority to make your child’s first visit a positive experience!

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