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Adolescent Gynecological Problems Adolescent Gynecological Problems

Adolescent Gynecological Problems

Stepping into adolescence is like an adventure and we are here to make sure your health is on the right track.
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Adolescent Gynecological Problems

We offer comprehensive treatment strategies to help young women overcome various health challenges that are completely new to them. We believe that proper awareness and guidance, from the very beginning, play a crucial role in helping them make the right choices when it comes to their wellness, and strive to offer unparalleled assistance throughout.

The transition from childhood to adolescence is not the same for everyone. While you are still figuring out this new journey, we, at Surya Hospital, are there to help you with the best guidance and care.

What are Adolescent Gynaecological Problems?

Adolescent Gynaecological problem is a term used for any medical condition that affects girls during their teenage years after they have hit puberty.

This is a transitional state during which a girl’s body undergoes many changes developmental and hormonal changes. This can sometimes give rise to conditions or problems that require expert medical solutions.

Types of Adolescent Gynaecological Problems:

Adolescent girls may experience a wide range of gynaecological problems, which call for the need for proper medical intervention.

The most common of these are:

What causes Adolescent Gynaecological Problems?

Gynaecological problems in young women can be linked to a variety of different factors, however, in the majority of cases, it is due to the physical and hormonal changes in their body, which is common during puberty.

How we diagnose you

At Surya Hospital, we are equipped with the most advanced and innovative diagnostic modalities that help in the precise diagnosis of patients while prioritising their safety and comfort.

Our experts generally start by asking questions related to your symptoms, evaluating your medical history and performing a physical examination. Based on these, you may be recommended to go for further tests, which include:


At Surya Hospital, we have a dedicated team of experts specializing in the management of adolescent gynaecological issues.

The comprehensive treatment plans are curated with a personalized approach to address the specific problems that you are facing. These include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Endometriosis affect young women?

Yes, Endometriosis can affect young women. The incidence is, however, higher in women who are in their 20s and 30s.

Can PCOS affect Fertility in the long run?

Yes, PCOS can lead to Fertility challenges in the long run, if you leave the problem untreated. With proper management, PCOS can be managed from the very beginning to ensure a healthy and safe conception later in life. 

Can Hormone Therapy help with irregular Menstruation?

Yes, Hormone Therapy is one of the most preferred treatment options for irregular Menstruation since the problem is generally linked to hormonal imbalances in the body. 

Is it normal for an Adolescent to have Vaginal Discharge?

If the discharge is clear/white and occasional, it can be normal, however, if it is coloured and accompanied by other symptoms like pain and rashes, it could be linked to an infection. It is always advisable to consult a specialist in such cases.

Is it normal to have irregular periods?

It is normal to have irregular periods during the initial years following menarche, i.e. your first period. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of various health issues that could also be responsible for it in some cases. 

Still have questions?

It is good to be curious when it comes to your health, but, it is equally important to put your curiosity to rest by seeking expert opinion. Have more questions related to your health?

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