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What is Stomach Cancer Surgery What is Stomach Cancer Surgery

What is Stomach Cancer Surgery

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January 04, 2024 |
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Surgery to remove your stomach or a part of it is called gastrectomy. If you or your family member is suffering from stomach cancer, you may hear about it from your Best Head & Neck, GI Cancer Specialist in Mumbai. Often, the surgical call is taken to remove the cancerous cells or tumour growth from the stomach. It may be done in the benign stage with less invasive methods or in the final stage with open surgery. Both of these methods, however, aim to save the patient’s life and increase survival rates.

What Type of Surgery Do I Need?

The type of your surgery whether minimally invasive or open depends on two things:

1. The stage and type of your cancer.

2. The location of cancer in your stomach.

Based on the above, your doctor may suggest you any of the three:

1. Partial gastrectomy- In this, the surgeon will remove a part of your stomach.

2. Total gastrectomy- In this, the surgeon will remove the whole of your stomach.

3. Oesophagogastrectomy- In this, the surgeon will remove your stomach and a part of your oesophagus.

Aside from this, the surgeon may also remove a part of your nearby lymph node to prevent cancer from developing back.

What is Endoscopic Procedure?

In the early stages of stomach cancer, the surgeon will remove the cancerous cells from your stomach without a major cut in the abdomen. This is done with the help of an endoscope. During this procedure, the doctor will:

1. Insert a flexible tube or endoscope through the patient’s mouth.

2. The endoscope is connected with a camera at one end to guide the surgeon.

3. With the help of this camera, the surgeon will reach the affected area.

4. The surgeon will now remove the cancerous tissue with specialized instruments connected to the endoscope.

What Happens During Open Surgery?

If cancer has passed the early stage, the doctor will treat it with traditional open surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon will:

1. Cut the abdomen.

2. Partially remove the affected part of the stomach, lymph node, and other nearby fatty tissues.

3. Remove entire stomach, lymph node, and other nearby fatty tissues.

4. Also, create a new stomach by folding a part of the intestine to allow digestion.

What is the Recovery Period After Stomach Surgery?

The recovery after stomach surgery will depend on the type of surgery. If the surgeon performs partial surgery, the patient will have to spend 3-5 days in the hospital and may resume normal activities after 3-6 months. On the other hand, a total surgery will allow the patient to spend 5-8 days in the hospital and the patient may take a year to resume normal activities.

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