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January 04, 2024 |
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1. What Can You Expect During Teething?

Teething is the normal process of new teeth pushing through gums, and this process takes time. While teething you may expect increased drooling of saliva, and desire to chew, mild gum pain, slighlty swollen gums over erupting tooth, changes in appetite, irritability and low grade fever (<100F).

2. Is High Fever and Runny Nose Related to Teething?

No. The temperature elevation during teething is very mild and rarely exceeds 100.4F.

3. Is Diarrhoeaa Symptom of Teething?

No. Diarrhoea cannot be due to teething alone but it is closely associated as children tend to ease the irritation caused by teething by chewing on various objects which may be unhygienic and this inturn can cause diarrhoea

5. Is Refusing Solids Common During Teething ?

Yes. A child’s gum will be sore for several days, until the tooth breaks through the gums. They may hence show some decrease in appetite.

6. What Can We do for Soothing Teething Pain?

Teething pain does not last longer and medication should only be the last resort. Gentle massage of gums with clean finger or cool wash clothes can be done. Paracetamol can help to control pain.

7. Is There Any Association Between Calcium Supplemention and Teething?

No, its just a misbelief.

8. Which Is First Teeth to Appear?

Lower central incisors are the first teeth to appear. (Followed by upper central incisor > upper lateral incisor > lower lateral incisor > first molar > canine > second molar)

9. When Should Parents Worry if Teeth are not Coming In?

Baby’s 1st tooth usually appears any time between 3 months to 12 months of age. Whether baby’s teeth come early or late is usually determined by heredity. So if parents have h/o early eruption of teeth, there are chances of baby having same too. Dentition is called delayed, if not a single tooth erupts by age of 13 months of age.

10. When Should the Check up for Teeth be Done as Per Guidelines?

Survey by American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry showed nearly 70% of parents wait till 3 years before taking child to dentist. Whereas, recommendation af Academy Of General Dentistry, is to do dental checkup of kid by 1 year age (or within 6 months of eruption of first baby tooth). This will cover proper cleaning techniques and include introductory examination of teeth and gums. Parents will also learn, what drinks kids should avoid, how they can help prevent tooth decay and other dental care information.

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