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Egg Freezing Services in Jaipur | Mumbai | Treatment Egg Freezing Services in Jaipur | Mumbai | Treatment

Egg Freezing Services in Jaipur | Mumbai | Treatment

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The process to preserve the reproductive potential of a woman is egg freezing. The egg freezing process is termed oocyte cryopreservation. In this, the eggs of the woman are extracted from the ovaries and frozen. These eggs can be used later as they are unfertilized. Women willing to get it done can visit a fertility clinic. It serves as a method to preserve reproductive potential in women of reproductive age. It allows a woman to delay her pregnancy and conceive later.

Types of Egg Freezing 

Egg freezing is of two types :

The first type is social egg freezing. In this, the eggs are frozen for a non-medical reason.
The second type of it is egg freezing for medical reasons. In this, the eggs are frozen due to certain medical conditions. This is mostly done when the patient has been detected with cancer and they will have to undergo treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Other reasons for egg freezing for medical reasons are certain mutations or a family history of fertility problems.

Why do we freeze eggs?

When a female fetus is around 20 weeks, she has around 7-8 million eggs which further drops to 1-2 million at birth. By the time of puberty, the egg count decreases to 300000 eggs. In a lifetime, a woman ovulates 300-400 eggs. However, as the age increases the number of eggs reduces further to 60000 at 40 years of age.

Further, the fertility of women, as well as the quality of eggs, decreases with an increase in age. However, women might want to delay their pregnancy for multiple reasons which can be medical as well as personal.

Egg freezing services serves as a helpful and safe procedure for women who are not planning for pregnancy currently but want to conceive later. Egg freezing at fertility clinic in Mumbai provides them with the chance of being able to conceive in the future or have a biological child. The woman will have to induce ovulation using fertility drugs to be able to produce a number of eggs at the time of retrieval.

A woman can consider freezing her eggs in the following cases:

• If diagnosed with cancer or other diseases and has to undergo treatment. As the treatment requires chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it greatly affects the woman’s fertility. Hence, egg freezing treatment can be done at a fertility clinic in Jaipur, Mumbai before starting cancer or other treatment.
• If a woman does not want to reproduce currently due to non-medical or personal reasons especially when she has not found her right partner, she can get egg freezing done and conceive later when desired.
• The woman who are facing age-related infertility problems and want to be sure about their ability to conceive later, they can get egg freezing done at a fertility clinic in Mumbai.

Before freezing the eggs, all the required tests and scans are done to ensure that they are a good candidate. Also, experts understand and analyse your medical history, family history and health conditions to provide the best solution.

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