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Pediatric Renal Transplant

At Surya, our Department of Pediatric Kidney Transplant provides specialized care for children in need of Kidney Transplants. Our dedicated team of Pediatric Nephrologists, Transplant Surgeons, and healthcare workers is committed to providing our young patients with the best possible treatment. We aspire to provide comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and management for children with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) who may benefit from a Kidney Transplant using cutting-edge technology and a child-friendly atmosphere.

In the embrace of expertise and empathy, our pediatric kidney transplant journey is a testament to the resilience of little hearts and the promise of renewed joy.

What is a Pediatric Kidney Transplant?

A Pediatric Kidney Transplant is a surgical operation used to replace a child with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or severe Kidney malfunction with a healthy Kidney from a deceased or living donor. This operation is a life-saving measure intended to improve the child's general health and quality of life while restoring normal kidney function.

Conditions that necessitate Kidney Transplants in children?

Our Pediatric Kidney Transplant program is prepared to treat a wide range of illnesses that may necessitate a Kidney Transplant in children. Some of the most prevalent conditions we treat are:

When should you consider seeing our experts?

Children with the following conditions may benefit from Kidney Transplantation:

How children are diagnosed?

A combination of Pre-Transplant evaluations, compatibility assessments, and post-transplant monitoring are used in the diagnostic testing for childrens Kidney Transplants. The following are the main diagnostic procedures used in juvenile Kidney Transplantation:

How to prepare for a Pediatric Kidney Transplant?

A thorough and interdisciplinary preparation is necessary for Pediatric Kidney Transplant Surgery. To guarantee compatibility and the best possible results, both the child and the possible Kidney Donor—whether alive or deceased—go through assessments. Key actions to do in order to get ready for a juvenile Kidney Transplant include:

What follows after the Transplant?

Frequently Asked Questions

Following a Kidney Transplant, how long will my child remain in the hospital?

A few days are usually spent in the hospital to monitor recovery and avoid problems, however, this can vary.

What kind of medication would my child require following Transplantation?

The purpose of prescribing immunosuppressive drugs is to avoid rejection. It is essential to follow the prescription regimen.

Can my kid resume regular activities and school after receiving a Kidney Transplant?

Certainly, attempts are made to reintegrate the youngster into regular activities and school after their health stabilizes.

How frequently will my child require check-ups following the Transplant?

The frequency of follow-up appointments decreases as the child's recuperation keeps going.

Does my child have any special dietary requirements?

Specific limitations may differ, but dietary considerations are included. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is advised.

Still have questions?

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