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Human Milk Bank

Human Milk Bank

A human milk bank, also known as a lactarium, is a specialized unit that aims at helping mothers who are not able to feed their little ones post-birth due to an infection or other health complications. This is done to ensure a continuous supply of nutrition to the baby in a safe environment. 

At Surya Hospitals, we have a specialized Human Milk Bank that adheres to strict safety protocols when it comes to the collection, processing and feeding of human breast milk collected from healthy donors to ensure easy availability of the same in emergency situations. Our Human Milk Bank also provides donor milk to babies who have been admitted to the NICU due to premature birth or other complications. We have specially trained nurses who ensure optimum nutrition for your little one by feeding them gently from time to time. We also offer an outpatient donor milk facility to help mothers who are not able to produce enough milk or suffer from a condition that prevents them from feeding the baby. The milk is collected from healthy donors after thorough assessment and processed before we feed your little ones.

Human Milk Bank Services offered at Surya Hospitals:

  • Storage of MOM and PDHM for premature newborns
  • Pasteurization and testing (for bacterial counts) of donor human milk before being made available for feeding.
  • Arranging transport of milk from the donor to our milk bank
  • Provision of sterile steel containers to mothers who intend to donate human milk
  • Provision of breast pumps for in-house breast milk expression
  • Lactation Consultation (On a chargeable basis)

Why is breast milk important for your little ones? 

Breast milk is the primary and ultimate source of nutrition for your little ones. It is loaded with healthy nutrients like fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, that support the healthy growth of your baby and protect them against the risks of infections and diseases. Experts, across the globe, recommend exclusive breast milk for at least the first 6 months of the baby’s life. Breast milk also helps to support healthy digestion, keeping away problems like constipation and diarrhoea.

There is no substitute for breast milk when it comes to feeding a baby. This is because the volume and composition of the milk keep on changing throughout the day to meet the changing needs of your little one. 

Why is breast milk donation important?

Breast milk donation is important because the donated milk can help to save the life of a newborn. This plays a very crucial role in post-natal care for babies who are not able to breastfeed due to any of the above-mentioned reasons. This helps to provide them with all the essential nutrients and ensures that they are not deprived of any of the benefits, which include:

  • The good bacteria and oligosaccharides present in human milk help to strengthen and protect the baby’s digestive tract by promoting healthy digestion
  • Breast milk is loaded with hormones that help in regulating a baby’s appetite and help them develop a healthy sleep cycle
  • Breast milk is rich in antibodies that support the baby’s immune system till it develops completely. This helps to protect the baby against allergies, diseases and infections. 
  • The stem cells and long-chain fatty acids present in human milk help to support the overall development of the baby and its organs. The latter is especially important for the development of the baby’s brain, nervous system and eyes. 

Who is eligible for breast milk donation?

Donating breast milk is a simple process and our team at Surya Hospitals strives to make it completely hassle-free for you. We have a dedicated team to help walk you through the process. If you are willing to donate your milk, the following eligibility factors are to be taken into consideration:

  • You need to be in good health 
  • You are producing more milk than your baby needs 
  • You are not taking any medicines other than those prescribed by the doctors
  • You are not using any supplement, even herbal ones
  • You do not have any infectious disease 
  • You have not touched recreational drugs for at least a year 
  • You do not use tobacco products
  • You have limited alcohol consumption

The donor mother will be requested to share her medical reports while donating her milk by our team to confirm she is healthy and eligible for the donation.

How is breast milk donated?

If you are eligible for the donation, our team will get in touch with you and brief you about how the milk is to be collected, stored and sent and our human milk bank. You will also be given general information about how to clean your nipples, sterilise the pump and preserve the milk. You can also donate milk directly at the bank too, where our team is available to readily assist you. 

Various steps involved in breast milk donation include:

  • Sterilization of the pump parts using hot water and soap
  • You will need to wash your hands before touching the pump to alleviate the risks of infection
  • Once collected, our team will transfer the milk into the bags and freeze them, with the date and time of collection mentioned on it. 
  • The frozen milk is later thawed and screened for any signs of infection. Once all tests are confirmed, it will be pasteurized and again stored in a frozen state, to be used when required

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