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  • Vishal Marje

    "We are profoundly grateful for the exceptional care we received at Surya Hospital, particularly under the guidance of Dr. Shah. Our baby girl was born prematurely at just 34 weeks and was immediately admitted to the NICU at Medicover Hospital in Bhosari. Those initial 12 days were fraught with anxiety as the medical team worked tirelessly to pinpoint the root cause of her health issues, which included critically low hemoglobin levels and jaundice.

    During this uncertain time, a ray of hope emerged when we received advice to transfer to Surya Hospital in Wakad. As soon as we arrived, the expertise of Dr. Shah shone through. His profound understanding of our baby's condition allowed him to quickly identify the underlying issues and devise a targeted treatment plan.

    The transformation in our baby's health was nothing short of miraculous. In just three days, we witnessed a remarkable turnaround. What truly sets Dr. Shah and Surya Hospital apart is not just their medical knowledge, but also their unwavering commitment to delivering comprehensive care. Even after the initial treatment, Dr. Shah continued to closely monitor our baby, ensuring she was in the best possible condition before discharge.

    Our journey at Surya Hospital was a testament to the invaluable combination of experience and expertise. We will forever be thankful for the exceptional care that not only saved our baby's life but also ensured her overall well-being. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Shah and the entire team at Surya Hospital for their dedication to the health and happiness of their patients."

  • Nilesh Patil

    I had the privilege of being a patient (as my son was admitted here) at Surya Hospital Santacruz West, and I cannot say enough about the outstanding care I received. From the moment I walked through the doors, I was met with professionalism, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to patient well-being.

    The facilities at Surya Hospital are top-notch. The hospital is clean, modern, and well-maintained. The state-of-the-art equipment and technology they use are a testament to their commitment to providing the best possible care. I felt reassured knowing that I was in capable hands.

    Especially thanks to my SISTER's -:  Dipti, Smita, Swanandi and Prajakta (sorry for those whose name I missed). Also the ADMIN/TPA team -: Harish, Anlush and Rupesh who helped us in administration part.

    The staff at Surya Hospital are truly exceptional. The doctors, nurses, and support staff all demonstrated an impressive level of expertise and dedication to their work.

    Surya Hospital is not just a place of medical treatment; it's a place of hope and healing. The genuine care and concern that the entire staff exhibited made a significant difference in my overall experience. I left with a sense of gratitude and a deep appreciation for the exceptional care I received.

  • Jagdish Prasad Meena

    I was admitted to surya hospital for Tkr. Excellet services as per surya is known for Mother & child care but here is opreated for Tkr. Caring nursing staff very good services Dr Mujahid Saleeem is the best doctor. He is very good for treatment. Thank you surya team

  • Anirudh Kasliwal

    Surya hospital has been a great experience for us. We got our first baby delievered under the guidance of Dr Ritu Joshi.

    The staff , administration, services and the food were simply great.

    Special thanks to Dr Ritu Mam, Dr Akash(neonatologist), Mr Mukul, Ms Purva, Poonam (GDA) For taking such good care of my wife and baby.

    Really Really Grateful 🙏🙏

  • Nitin Jadhav

    Best Pediatrics Hospital in the city.

    The whole Pediatrics team is best and very experienced, especially Dr Sachin and Dr Amita. The hospital is open 24/7 and i can take my child in any emergency to the hospital without any hesitation. Thank you Surya mother and child hospital team for being there.

  • Tanvi Makode

    I am visiting Surya hospital for maternity check up and delivery. I am regularly visiting Dr Manisha Munemane for my pre natal checkup. She is good and patient and listens to all my concerns and give suggestions accordingly. Hospital staff is all good and helpful. Insurance and claim department is prompt with all the queries and have been helpful.
    Hospital is clean, washrooms are clean.
    Rooms are good and they have variety of rooms as per your need.
    Ample parking space.

  • Shrutika Mallya

    I had delivered my baby in this hospital through C-section. My pregnancy had some complications and so we chose Surya hospital for their pediatric specialization. This proved to be one of the best decision.

    The doctors were so friendly and positive that half my stress disappeared when interacting with them. My Ob-gyn Dr Ketki Kulkarni was a godsend with her guidance throughout the pregnancy and delivery. I am also extremely grateful to Dr Sachin Sakharkar who looked after my newborn daughter's well-being in both NICU and later when she developed jaundice. Their professionalism and expertise in treating and educating both me and my baby helped me regain my confidence.

    Following the delivery both me and my baby received superb care from the doctors, nurses and the housekeeping. Everytime my baby cried even during the night the nurses would checkin even without us ringing the call bell to help me settle her. Even the diet and cleanliness was well taken care of and they would routinely take feedback from us. Special thanks to Monika for helping us have a hassle-free experience with admission process.

    Highly recommend this hospital if anyone plans on delivering in Chembur area.

  • Prety Kutty

    Hospitals are never fun.... especially if your patient will be admitted there. We've been to so many, across the city, that we really have no enthusiasm about revisiting them. But Surya, Chembur" was so different...It was fun!! My kid, who has started to hate hospital stays, was actually enthused to go back there, for her follow-up, post discharge!

    The doctors, the nurses, the ancillary staff, all the people we interacted with, at Surya, Chembur, had such a positive vibe about their profession. They smiled so often, spent time with the patient, just swung by to say 'hello'...and treated my kid with utmost care and compassion.

    Dr. Neil, Dr. Renita, Dr. Lakshmi and the other doctors at the ICU left such a positive impact on my kid, that she was excited to see them, at the follow-up session.

    Much gratitude to the Surya chain, for opening up their branch at Chembur. And immense respect for all the people that work guys Rock!!!

  • Diana Moraru

    Extremely well organised admission and discharge process, with clear steps and support from the team. Room are well equipped to have a good recovery and stay. Very clean too. Cleaning happens min twice in a day or at request.

    The staff is amazing. Starting from the aunties who clean, to nurses who will constantly check your vitals, to nutritionist who will ensure you get your right diet, to finally amazing doctors.

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