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As part of our sophisticated Radiology Department, Surya Hospitals is committed to offering comprehensive EEG (Electroencephalography) and EMG (Electromyography) services. We provide precise and extensive EEG and EMG examinations to measure neurological function and diagnose various diseases using cutting-edge equipment and a team of qualified neurologists and technologists.

What exactly is EEG?

Electroencephalography, sometimes known as EEG, is a non-invasive examination that measures and records the electrical activity of the brain. It entails inserting small electrodes on the scalp to detect and analyze electrical impulses in the brain. The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a useful tool for diagnosing and monitoring a variety of neurological diseases and disorders.

What exactly is EMG?

Electromyography, or EMG, is a diagnostic procedure that measures the electrical activity of muscles and the nerves that regulate them. It entails the placement of tiny electrodes on the skin or directly into the muscles in order to measure muscle function and detect any anomalies or nerve malfunctions.

EEG and EMG Advantages:

  • Neurological diseases Diagnosis: EEG and EMG are important diagnostic techniques for a variety of neurological diseases. EEG aids in the detection of irregularities in brain activity such as epileptic seizures, sleep disorders, and brain tumours. EMG can help with the diagnosis of nerve illnesses, muscle disorders, and peripheral neuropathies.
  • Monitoring Epilepsy and Seizures: EEG is critical in monitoring epilepsy and seizure disorders. It aids in determining the kind and location of seizures, assessing medication effectiveness, and guiding treatment selections for optimal seizure control.
  • Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, and Insomnia: EEG is often used to evaluate sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and insomnia. It contains useful information regarding brain activity during sleep, aiding in proper diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • EMG assists in the diagnosis of muscle illnesses, nerve injuries, and abnormalities affecting the neuromuscular system. It aids in the diagnosis of disorders such as myopathy, neuropathy, and motor neuron diseases.
  • EEG and EMG results aid healthcare providers in developing personalized treatment strategies and rehabilitation programmes for patients with neurological diseases. They help with progress evaluation, therapy adjustments, and overall patient care.

Our EEG/EMG Services Include:

  • Routine EEG examinations are used to examine brain function and identify various neurological diseases. These tests entail measuring brain activity while awake and, if necessary while sleeping to detect any anomalies.
  • Ambulatory EEG Monitoring: Ambulatory EEG monitoring enables longer-term monitoring. Brain activity is recorded in a patient’s natural environment. It aids in the detection of seizure patterns as well as the assessment of brain function during daily activities and sleep.
  • Video EEG Monitoring combines simultaneous video recording with EEG to capture and correlate clinical events such as seizures or behavioural abnormalities. This extensive monitoring helps with proper diagnosis and therapy planning.
  • Needle EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS): NCS assesses the function of peripheral nerves by monitoring the speed and strength of electrical signals. Needle EMG evaluates muscular electrical activity and detects aberrant patterns, assisting in the diagnosis of muscle and nerve problems.

Patient Care and Comfort:

Our team of skilled neurologists specializes in analyzing EEG and EMG readings and offering reliable diagnoses. They work together with our radiology department to provide complete neurological treatment. We use cutting-edge EEG and EMG technology to collect high-quality data and deliver accurate interpretations. Our neurologists analyze EEG and EMG results quickly and send complete reports to your referring physician. This allows for faster diagnosis and treatment planning.

Make an EEG/EMG appointment:

Please contact our devoted staff to schedule an EEG or EMG appointment or to learn more about our services. We provide various scheduling options and make every effort to accommodate your requirements. Trust us with your diagnostic needs, and let us help you on your path to optimal neurological health.

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