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Blood Storage Service

Blood Storage Service

Our Blood Storage Service is critical in assuring a steady supply of blood and blood products for patient care. We recognise the importance of blood transfusion in medical treatments and emergencies, and we are dedicated to maintaining high quality, safety, and accessibility standards.

Our Blood Storage Service Has the Following Benefits:

  • Blood Bank Facilities

Our cutting-edge blood bank is outfitted with modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies to properly store and handle blood products. To maintain the safety and integrity of the blood supply, we adhere to tight regulatory criteria and standard operating practices.

  • Blood Donation

We hold blood donation drives on a regular basis to collect voluntary blood donations from qualified donors. We hope to do this by raising awareness and encouraging involvement. A stable and sufficient blood supply to satisfy the demands of our community’s patients hold the utmost importance.

  • Blood type and Compatibility Testing

We undertake blood type and compatibility testing on donors and recipients to determine their blood group and Rh factor. This critical procedure assures donor-recipient compatibility, lowering the chance of adverse responses during transfusion.

  • Preparation of Blood Components

We specialise in the preparation of various blood components such as packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelets, and cryoprecipitate. These components are adjusted to specific patient requirements and can be transfused in accordance with therapy regimens.

  • Blood Product Storage and Inventory Control

Our dedicated team assures adequate blood product storage and management, including temperature monitoring, inventory control, and rotation. When blood products are needed, this strategy ensures that they are safe and of excellent quality.

  • Emergency Blood Transfusion

We are aware that emergencies can happen at any time. Our blood storage service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver emergency blood transfusions, ensuring patients in urgent conditions have prompt access to life-saving blood products.

  • Quality Assurance and Patient Safety

We prioritise patient safety and maintain strong quality assurance processes. To reduce the danger of transfusion-transmitted diseases, our blood storage service adheres to strict guidelines for donor screening, testing, and infectious disease screening.

  • Transfusion Support and Consulting

Our team of professionals offer advice and consulting on transfusion-related issues. We collaborate closely with healthcare providers to guarantee proper and evidence-based transfusion practices, such as indications, doses, and transfusion monitoring.

Surya Hospitals‘ Blood Storage Service is committed to providing a dependable and safe blood supply to meet patients’ transfusion needs. To learn more about our blood storage services or to enquire about blood donation options, please contact us immediately. We are dedicated to serving our community and making a difference in patient care.

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