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Breast Clinic

Breast Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Pune

The breast care clinic at Surya Hospitals guides and provides a diagnosis for women who have breast health issues.

Women’s breasts go through a lot of changes, for instance, changes in the skin texture, size, and shape of breast/nipple and nipple discharge, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. These issues require medical attention from specialists.

We also have a breast screening clinic in Mumbai where women over the age of 40 can do regular mammograms to ensure healthy breast tissues.

Our team of expert gynecologists, lactation specialists, dieticians, psychologists, and breast cancer specialists in Mumbai provides a range of comprehensive breast health care services.

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Our Specialists

Dr. Karishma Kirti

MBBS MS(Genl Surg)

Consultant Breast Surgeon

By Appointment

Dr. Sumeet Shah

Consultant Breast Surgeon

By Appointment