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Vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC)

Vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC)

Following a caesarean delivery, women can try vaginal birth for their subsequent pregnancies through a procedure called vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC). For women who match the requirements for the operation, the Department of Obstetrics at Surya Hospitals is outfitted with skilled obstetricians and cutting-edge facilities to facilitate successful VBAC deliveries.

Why go for VBAC?

Women who want to give birth vaginally after a C-section have the option of VBAC. It is a secure and efficient substitute for a subsequent caesarean delivery. Compared to a second caesarean delivery, VBAC has a number of benefits. First of all, it is linked to lower maternal morbidity, which includes a lower risk of bleeding, infections, and postoperative problems. Second, it promotes a quicker recovery, earlier discharges from the hospital and shorter hospital stays that enable women to resume their regular activities. Thirdly, VBAC gives women the chance to enjoy a vaginal birth, which has advantageous psychological and emotional effects.

Who can receive a VBAC?

Not everyone is a candidate for VBAC. The type of uterine incision used during the last caesarean delivery, the rationale for the prior caesarean delivery, and the woman’s current pregnancy all play a role in determining a woman’s eligibility for a VBAC. Women who fit the following requirements might be qualified for a VBAC:

  • Low transverse incision was used during the previous caesarean delivery.
    The new pregnancy is not related to the circumstances that led to the previous caesarean delivery.
    One fetus with a head-first presentation is present in the current pregnancy.
    There are no additional obstetrical or medical issues present.

Getting ready for VBAC

Women who qualify for a VBAC will receive instructions on how to get ready for the surgery. This comprises:

  • Regular prenatal care will enable the obstetrician to keep track of both the mother’s and the fetus’s health.
    Birth preference discussion: Women will have the chance to talk with their obstetrician about their birth preferences and create a birth plan.
    Labour management: Women who choose VBAC will be constantly watched to protect the safety of both mother and child throughout labour. To control labour discomfort, the obstetrician may advise labour induction or the use of painkillers.

Women who want to give birth vaginally after a caesarean section (VBAC) have a safe and reliable option. Surya Hospitals’ Department of Obstetrics has experienced Obstetricians and delivery rooms equipped with all necessary and state-of-the-art facilities to help qualified women have successful VBACs. While there are risks associated with VBAC, these risks can be reduced through our careful patient management and patient selection methodologies. Women interested in VBAC should speak with to our obstetrician to see if they qualify and how to get ready for the operation.

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