Healthcare is not just a clinical service but a bond of human compassion and care at the most fundamental level. Over the years, we have experienced and shared this strong connect while caring our patients with utter dedication. Every smile, every tear of joy and every moment of triumph over adversity is a memory that treasured in words of gratitude and appreciation bestowed by our patients.

Medical expertise and prompt and alert staff

Dr. B.S. Avasthi is an exceptional paediatrician. In addition to his medical expertise, he understands mothers and what they need throughout their pregnancy and his services include full prenatal, delivery and postnatal care. We were thoroughly satisfied with his services provided at Surya Hospital when my mother was admitted. The staff was always prompt and alert and they took very good care of her. We would recommend him and his hospital to all.

- Kajol and Ajay Devgan 
Actor and Actress

Karan Johar thanks Surya Hospital and Dr Avasthi for taking care of his babies

My mother and I remain eternally grateful from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and care that were given to Roohi and Yash Johar...Organisations like Surya Hospital are stepping up during this time of need and reaching out to help via their Campaign #SavePreemies, Surya Hospital aims to gather some goodwill and save as many preemies as possible.

- Karan Johar
Film Director

Meticulous and personalized care

We are extremely happy to have had the guidance of Dr. Cherry Shah, our Gynaecologist and Surya Hospital. The hospital is a specialist when it comes with dealing with the health & well-being of women & children. So, we had no worries and were confident that we would be looked after well. The meticulous & personalized care taken by Dr. Shah and the Surya Hospital team was excellent.

- Shweta Tiwari

Delighted with Surya Hospital

I am delighted to tell you all our second child arrived at Surya hospital and we have named him SURYASREE which means “Shine as bright as the Sun’. Suryasree has brought sunshine to our lives. I am delighted with Surya Hospital who responded promptly and made the birthing very comfortable.

- S. Sreesanth
Former Cricketer & Actor

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