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Histopathology is a subspecialty of pathology that focuses on the microscopic study of tissue samples in order to diagnose diseases and understand their underlying causes. To deliver accurate and complete diagnostic services, our devoted team of histopathologists employs cutting-edge technology and knowledge. We are dedicated to providing exact and quick results to assist physicians and assure the best possible patient care.

Our Services:

  • Tissue Analysis: Our skilled histopathologists examine tissue samples obtained from biopsies or surgical operations. We discover cellular alterations and abnormalities linked with numerous diseases, such as cancer, inflammatory disorders, and infections, using advanced staining techniques and microscopic examination.
  • Cancer Diagnosis and Grading: Histopathology is important in cancer diagnosis and staging. We assess tumour features such as size, kind, and extent of disease invasion, in order to establish the best therapeutic strategy. In addition, we evaluate tumour grading, which provides critical information about the tumour’s aggressiveness and prognosis.
  • Frozen Section Analysis: Using frozen section analysis, we may provide an on-site evaluation of tissue samples during surgical procedures. This approach allows for fast examination of tissue margins and assists surgeons in making real-time judgements about the amount of surgery.
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC): It is a specialised technique for identifying certain proteins within tissue samples. We can discover molecular markers that aid in tumour diagnosis and sub-classification, as well as determine the efficacy of targeted therapy, by using a variety of antibodies.
  • Digital pathology: Our department employs digital pathology technology, which entails scanning glass slides and transforming them into high-resolution digital images. This permits effective Histopathological data storage, retrieval, and sharing, allowing collaboration among healthcare providers and assuring thorough patient care.
  • Consultation and Second Opinion: Consultation and second opinion services are offered by our histopathologists. Based on our knowledge and significant experience in the industry, we interact with referring physicians to provide further insights and recommendations.

Our histopathologists are highly skilled individuals with extensive experience in evaluating and analysing tissue samples. Our section is dedicated to delivering timely reports that aid in clinical decision-making. To give accurate and integrated diagnostic results, histopathologists must take a holistic approach to histopathology, taking into account the clinical history, radiological findings, and, if necessary, molecular testing. To promote optimal patient management, our histopathologists work together with other specialists including surgeons, oncologists, and radiologists.

Throughout the diagnostic process, we prioritise patient well-being and give compassionate care, knowing the anxiety and fears connected with medical procedures. Surya Hospitals is committed to histopathology excellence, which contributes to accurate illness diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. To learn more about our histopathology services or to make an appointment, please contact us immediately. We are here to serve you with excellent diagnostic support and thorough care.

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