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Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing

Surya Hospitals provide a variety of cutting-edge fertility therapies to assist couples to realize their aspirations of becoming parents since we recognise that the road to parenting can be difficult. Embryo freezing is one of the ground-breaking methods we specialize in, which enables couples to save their embryos for potential usage in the future. 

Why Do People Freeze Embryos?

In order to protect the viability of embryos, embryo freezing, often referred to as embryo cryopreservation, entails freezing them at an extremely low temperature for a very long time. Couples can utilize this technique to freeze their embryos for later use, giving them the flexibility to start a family whenever it is best for them.

Methods and procedure:

  • In vitro fertilisation (IVF), a method where eggs are taken from the female partner and fertilised with sperm in a lab, is usually the first step in the embryo freezing process. The best embryos are chosen for freezing after being rigorously inspected for quality following their production.
  • The embryos are swiftly cooled to a temperature of around -196 degrees Celsius (-321 degrees Fahrenheit) during the actual freezing procedure, known as vitrification. This extremely quick freezing stops the growth of ice crystals, which could harm the embryos’ delicate structure. A specialized cryoprotectant solution can be used when they are frozen and thawed, this makes embryos safeguarded from potential harm.
  • The embryos are then put in tanks designed for cryopreservation, where they are kept until the couple decides to use them. The embryos can be kept in a secure environment for a number of years, ensuring their viability and readiness for future implantation.

When is the Need for Embryo Freezing?

Embryo freezing is advantageous in a number of situations, including:

  • Medical Conditions: People who are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy may experience problems conceiving. Prior to receiving treatment, people can preserve their fertility options and maintain their possibility of becoming biological parents by storing embryos.
  • Age-related Fertility Decline: As women become older, their egg quality and quantity drop, making it harder for them to conceive. Women can improve their chances of becoming pregnant successfully later in life by storing embryos when they are still developing.
  • Unfavourable Reproductive disorders: A woman’s capacity to carry a pregnancy to term may be impacted by particular medical disorders or therapies. In these situations, embryo freezing provides the option of using a gestational surrogate, enabling couples to conceive a biological child despite these difficulties.
  • Family Planning: As a preventative precaution, some couples decide to freeze their embryos. This enables them to put off motherhood while still protecting their fertility possibilities.

Benefits of Freezing Embryos

Couples aiming to preserve their fertility have various benefits from embryo freezing:

  • Increased Pregnancy Rates
  • Flexible Family Planning
  • Emotional support
  • Reduced Medication and Procedures

The most advanced equipment and knowledge in embryo freezing are available at Surya Hospitals, where we also guarantee the greatest quality of care and success rates. Your journey will be guided by a team of fertility specialists who will address any worries you may have and create a custom treatment plan to meet your particular requirements.

For couples struggling with infertility, embryo freezing offers a glimmer of hope and gives them the ability to keep their childbearing aspirations alive. We urge you to schedule a consultation with one of our caring fertility experts if you are thinking about fertility preservation or if you have any questions regarding embryo freezing. We at Surya Hospitals are dedicated to supporting you as you work to create a devoted family. To take the first step towards a bright future, get in touch with us right away!

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