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The physiotherapy department at Surya Hospitals offers physiotherapy for new and expecting mothers. Our team of the best physiotherapists in Mumbai, Pune, and Jaipur, have years of experience handling a wide range of conditions ranging from minor to severe. Issues like lower back pain, incontinence, and other problems. Our treatments focus on restoring, maintaining, and maximizing physical strength and overall well-being by focusing on the science of movement. The physiotherapy clinic also offers treatments for women’s health concerns like pregnancy, postpartum care, bedwetting, menopause, loss of bowel or bladder control, etc.

While you have the option of choosing the number of sessions you’d like to go for our physiotherapists advise that one must take 2-3 sessions in case of a minor injury. However, if you have a soft tissue injury, you will require sessions for 6 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast your soft tissue heals.

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Our Specialists

Dr. Dipti Ghag


Consultant Adult Physiotherapy

By Appointment

Dr. Mandakini Sharma

Health & Wellness Coach Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert

Consultant - Ante-Natal Expert

By Appointment

Dr. Ami Shah


Consultant Physiotherapy

By Appointment

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