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Endometrial Surgery

Endometrial Surgery

Endometrial Surgery is a medical treatment used to identify and treat a variety of disorders affecting the endometrium, the uterine lining. This minimally invasive procedure is performed to treat underlying problems as well as symptoms by enhancing reproductive health. 

During a woman’s menstrual cycle, the endometrium which is a tissue that lines the interior of the uterus, changes. This delicate equilibrium, however, can be upset by specific diseases such as irregular bleeding, endometriosis, polyps, or fibroids. Endometrial surgery is a useful treatment for controlling these disorders.

When Endometrial Surgery is required?

To provide a straightforward and comfortable surgical experience, the medical staff keeps lines of communication open with patients, offering thorough explanations, responding to inquiries, and addressing any worries or doubts. A healthcare professional might advise endometrial surgery in the following circumstances:

  • Heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding is also known as abnormal uterine bleeding.
  • In endometriosis where the endometrium develops outside the uterus.
  • Polyps or fibroids which are uterine growths that can bleed and be uncomfortable but are not malignant.
  • Infertility: By addressing underlying problems, endometrial surgery may be undertaken to increase fertility.
  • For diagnostic purposes, hysteroscopy or endometrial biopsy may be used to identify specific uterine problems.

Endometrial Surgery preparation:

A thorough analysis of your medical history, current medications, and any underlying diseases is done during a medical evaluation.

  • Blood tests: To confirm your body is healthy and is equipped for the process.
  • Imaging tests: To assess the uterus and spot any anomalies, these tests could include MRI or an ultrasound.
  • Drug modifications: Your doctor can tell you to cease taking a particular drug if it might interfere with the operation.

Procedure for Endometrial Surgery

At Surya Hospitals, we are focused on patient-centred treatment ensuring that every patient’s preferences, worries, and expectations are taken into consideration. Surya Hospitals adhere sternly to global safety and hygiene standards. Gynaecologists frequently undertake endometrial surgery, which can use a variety of procedures depending on the disease being treated. The most typical methods consist of:

  • Hysteroscopy: To check and treat abnormalities immediately, a thin, illuminated tube called a hysteroscope is introduced through the vagina and cervix into the uterus.
  • Endometrial ablation: During this process, the endometrium is cut out or destroyed with the help of a laser, heat source, or cold treatment. It seeks to reduce or stop uterine bleeding that is abnormal.
  • Myomectomy: This method helps in removing the fibroids while keeping the uterus intact, offering it a choice for women who want to get pregnant again in the future.
  • Endometrial resection: A procedure that relieves severe menstrual bleeding by removing the endometrium with an electrosurgical wire loop.

Follow-Up and Postoperative Care

Surya Hospitals place a high priority on post-operative care and assistance. The medical staff gives explicit instructions for post-surgery rehabilitation, pain management, and any required follow-up appointments. They also provide emotional support and advice on changing one’s lifestyle to speed up the healing process. The procedure of follow-up could involve:

  • Medication: To treat discomfort or stop infection, your doctor may give antibiotics or painkillers.
  • Rest and recovery: To give your body plenty of time to recuperate by avoiding intense or heavy lifting for the advised period of time.
  • Surgical follow-up appointments: Follow-up visits to your healthcare provider so that they can track your development, address any issues, and evaluate the procedure’s effectiveness.
  • Lifestyle modifications: Your doctor might advise you to maintain a healthy weight, adopt a balanced diet, or, if necessary, look into hormonal therapy as a way to manage your disease going ahead.

In order to reduce the risk of post-operative infections and to provide a clean and safe environment for patients, strict infection control practices are implemented.

Surya Hospitals have built a solid reputation through outstanding standards of care and commitment to patient happiness which are attested by patient reviews, internet ratings, and acknowledgement from national and international medical organisations.


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