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Diet and Nutrition

The diet and nutrition department plays a pivotal role particularly in the hospital set up. Dietary interventions are an essential part of the treatment of a patient. Dietary changes support the medical or surgical treatment and bridge the gap between illness and recovery. Thus in certain conditions, the dietary modifications required may be few, but in others, several alterations and adjustments may have to be made.

The diet and nutrition department at Surya hospitals takes care of the children’s diet and nutrition, during their hospital stay and also ensures that the patient follows a proper diet after discharge.

Private counselling and nutritional advice for a variety of needs, including weight control, diabetes management, pregnancy and just healthy eating are available.

Our Pediatric diet and child nutrition specialist in Pune aid kids with the management of specific dietary needs in many different areas, including cardiac care, diabetes and childhood and adult obesity.They also offer nutritional care and counsel about lifestyle maintenance and good nutrition, like:

  • Eating well when dining out
  • Planning healthy meals at home
  • Feeding people at home with different nutritional needs
  • Heart-healthy eating
  • Good nourishment is a key component of recovering from surgery or illness. The Department of Dietetics provides nutrition care and advice to patients while they are in the hospital and after they are discharged. These services are provided by a variety of staff:
  • Registered dieticians, who work with the patient’s medical team, provide valuable information regarding appropriate nutrition care.
  • Nutrition and food and beverage staff help patients to select their daily menus and deliver meals to their rooms.

The comfort of the patients and the food preferences in accordance with the tolerance and condition considered.

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