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School Programme

Surya Hospitals is one of the best pediatric hospital in Mumbai, Pune and Jaipur.

We have been into pediatrics for the last 32 years. It is the largest pediatric setup in our country. We have a successful and robust school health program, in which individual examination of the children is done by our panel of specialist doctors consisting of a pediatrician, a Pediatric dentist, a pediatric ophthalmologist, a Pediatric ENT specialist and a child psychologist twice in a year.

We have tied up with 50 individual schools across Mumbai & Pune, which are as follows:

  1. Sadhana education society
  2. CNM school
  3. J V Parekh International school
  4. Panbai International School
  5. SVKM School –
  6. Euro Kids- Mumbai & Pune
  7. Gundecha School
  8. Ryan International school
  9. Podar Schools-
  10. Tridha school-
  11. Kangaroo kids –
  12. Versova education society
  13. Beasant Montesoori school
  14. Cosmi Kids
  15. D Y Patil International schools- Pune & Mumbai

Mount litera School – Pune

School Health Programme is one of the important components of total Health Care Delivery System in the State, which helps in keeping close watch on the health of school going children. It is an admitted fact that the children are the future of the Nation. If the children are healthy, the Nation is bound to be strong. In the light of these observations, it was felt that the school health services should be developed as an integral part of the health care delivery system. Govt. of India have emphasized the importance of the medical check-up of Primary and secondary classes school going children.

WHO promotes school health programmes as a strategic means to prevent important health risks among children and adolescents to engage the education sector in efforts to change the behaviors that impact health.

Why Kids need an Annual Health Checkup?

Regular check-ups help to ensure normal development, healthy growth, and protection from preventable disease. Proper nutrition, activity, and immunizations help kids avoid common and potentially severe diseases. Many diseases — including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, can be lessened or avoided with the evaluation, guidance, and support offered by a child’s primary care practice. The medical checkup is not only important for identifying an illness at an early stage, but also for maintaining your personal health, making you aware of your current condition and giving you the possibility to improve your lifestyle.

What’s involved in a School Health Checkup?

Surya Hospital will typically review the child’s vital signs such as blood pressure and growth measurements, and parameters, ophthalmologist and dentist. Including height, weight, and body mass index. Also review and address physical and mental health, school success, and parents’ questions and concerns.

Advantages of ‘School Health Check-up’ program:

  • Makes complete medical records available to a child/ parent/ doctor/ school administration in form of Growth chart and health record Performa
  • Keeps the school safe from medico-legal view point
  • Can be integrated with the annual medical check-up of students so as to capture all information immediately
  • Allows the school medical team to do a ‘Heath Audit’ to monitor progress in health of their students
  • Suggests corrective interventions where required
  • Inculcates the habit of health monitoring in children and helps them take charge of their health

Why should the school opt for detailed health check-up of students? Health is something for parents to look after!

Considering the amount of time children spend in school nowadays, it is vital for schools also to partner with parents in the healthcare of children.

Some other good reasons for conducting regular health check-ups of children:

  • Good health has direct impact on academics and attendance. E.g. Vision and hearing directly impact the child’s ability to understand and keep pace with academic work in the class. Sadly, these problems are on the rise today due to increased time spent in front of gadgets and with earphones
  • Wellness initiatives are important to ensure that children remain healthy and perform well in curricular as well as extra-curricular activities
  • It is mandatory for schools to maintain health data of children to view any child’s ‘Key Medical Information’ in seconds in case of medical emergency during school hours.
  • Health data of children also helps the school to study overall health trend of children and take necessary remedial action. E.g. modify the type of food available in case of increasing obesity, inclusion of gymnastics/yoga, etc.
  • Furthermore, preventive health check-ups draw attention of parents to likely health problems in their children.

How do we make preventive health care accessible?

  •  We conduct annual medical check-ups (inclusive of Dental, Obesity and physical examination) at school premises. This saves time for the students and ensures that it does not interrupt their studies
  •  Recent studies suggest that more than 80% of parents do not provide for preventive health check-up of their children for reasons such as lack of awareness, time constraints, etc. We make it easy by bringing it to your school
  •  After medical check-up, we provide descriptive report for individual students. This helps parents in understanding health of their child
  •  We keep electronic records to maintain year over year progress of each child
  •  We do follow-up calls with parents to ensure that required steps has been taken to ensure that child remains healthy
  •  We arrange for health awareness seminars at school for students and parents
  •  We arrange for first-aid trainings for teachers and students