Baby of Amisha Shah

Dear Sachin Sir,

We are really thankful to you and your personal attention towards my son. We really appreciate your efforts given for saving life of my son who was seriously in a critical condition at the time of admission.

we are also happy with the services and the staff support at Surya Hospital. You have brought smile on our faces and given us the most precious gift of our life.

Thank you very much sir (Dr. Sachin Shah) from the bottom of our heart.

May all your dreams come true!!!

(Kirron Shah) (Amisha K.Shah)


Best hospital in Maharashtra state


Surya hospital,

It was a very great experience we had with Surya hospital. Staff of hospital were very co-operative from senior doctor, nurses, Pharmacist, reception counter people even class four worker also very co-operative. I would say treatment is giving in this hospital is very best. This hospital is one of the best hospital in Maharashtra state.

Today we are taking our baby from this hospital. We are very satisfied with treatment & team of wish all the best & good luck to the management of this hospital.

Mr. Machindranath


PICU feedback of Surya Hospital

My self prof. Kiran B-kadam father of Kaniishk Kiran Kadam. My son was falling from first floor. I admitted in Surya hospital at 12:48 pm on Saturday.

I refer to Dr. Sachin Shah & then all test including C.T scan happening with 2hrs.I get very good treatment. When I shifted to P.I.C.U., Dr.Raken Ranjan (Neuro surgeon) came & explain line in very proper way.

All day time & every time all the DR. & staff member co-operate in very good way specially Dr. Suhas brother Anu & Dr.Kaul.

I really thanks.


Baby of Pooja Vishwakarma

From :- Baby of Pooja Vishwakarma

To :- Surya Mother & child care Wakad, Pune

Your hospitality & care for the child is good. The Ambient for children is excellent. the staff service is good. The feedback given by doctor is good. The service & care taken by the nurse is excellent. The baby was properly care.

Thanking You
Amit Vishwakarma


Mrs. Varsha Bachhotia, Pune

I, Mrs. Varsha Bachhotia is happy with the services provided by NICU to my daughter. I’m Thankful to Dr. Sachin Shah who gave proper treatment as well as. I’m thankful to the nurses & other staff who took proper care of my daughter.

Mrs. Varsha Bachhotia


Surya is by far the best/most professional hospital

Wanted to thank you for all your help during our son’s delivery. Must admit, we had an amazing experience and I wouldn’t mince my words when I say – Surya is by far the best/most professional hospital we have been to. Kudos to your hospital staff…and off course, YOU (Hiral) played a big part in making sure that everything goes smooth and hassle free.

Once again, appreciate your kindness.



Surya is best Hospital in Pune

Dear team,

Thank you for your suppoort. This is a one of the best hospital I have seen in Pune.

Doctors as well as supporting staff is really good. Hospital is very clean and equipped.

All nurses are very caring and following procedures accurately. Even duty doctors are very good. Surya management has chosen

best team, Doctors, Nurses, staff including security and sweepers.

I have seen very critical baby care here and treated successfully by Dr. Sachin Shah and team.

I hope hospital will maintain all staff in long term to deliver best.

Thank you again for support.

Father’s Denesh


Suriya Hospital is feel relaxed, treatment & Nursing care service is excellent.

Respected Dr. Sachin Shah and NICU consultant team & staff Surya Mother & Child Hospital

We wish our gratitude & thanks to whole team of Surya Hospital NICU.

We are blessed of baby girl was born on 21st aug at 3am. As she was preterm baby (33 un) she require urgent NICU care. We both were very terse.

But with single assurance of Dr. Shah ‘Don’t Worry’ being her to me. We feel relaxed. Treatment, Nursing care & service is excellent.

We both & our whole family will always grateful of Surya Hospital & Dr. Sachin Shah.

Thank you.



All Doctors, Staffs from NICU, Ward and Accounts section @ Surya Hospital.

Dear Dr.Sachin Shah, Dr.Sowmya Kulkarni, Dr.Amita Kaul, All Doctors, Staffs from NICU, Ward and Accounts section @ Surya Hospital.

We wish to show our gratitude and thank you for your exceptional attention and wonderfully sustained overall care at Surya Hospital, Wakad, Pune during our 2nd Baby’s (Tweety) delivery on 8th June 2015.Our baby was born 5 weeks pre-mature but well taken care into NICU, kept for 12days. We felt quite relaxed with our baby being there.

we found the overall care, counselling and most of the information well timed, appropriate and practical.

Special sessions by Dr. Sachin Shah and Sowmya Kulkarni and all doctors keeping us abreast with Baby’s current condition has been commendable and well appreciated. Dr. Shah has given the overall nursing activities a wonderful enriching dimension. Dr. Shah you are wonderful !!

Please continue doing such wonderful service. We appreciate your endeavor.

we are the proud parents,

Priyanka Tripathi with Mangal Tripathi
Divyanka Tripathi(Daughter)


To ,

Surya team,

Our baby suffered from Mucenium Aspiration Syndrome. Within 24 hours after delivery, we were suggested by Dr. Sulakshan to shift our baby to Surya hospital for advance treatment. We reached here at 12O’clock midnight and the entire team was informed by RMO. We really thank Dr. Amita Kaul for visiting baby at 2 am and took decision to put the baby in advance ventilator.

Dr. Sachin Shah and Dr. Amita Kaul’s counselling in the morning was very helpful and we were completely informed about the line of treatment.

All the staff members in NICU were very helpful and polite. We thank the security team for their support.

Our daughter was discharged within 10 days. Thank you to all the hospital staff once again.

Proud parents

Parents of Priya Nair


Today, 19-05-2017, my baby is getting discharged from Surya hospital. Today my happiness has no bounds as I had not thought that this thing would happen.

My wife was admitted in hospital on 11th April in emergency as her sonography reports showed some issues. Dr. Sachin Shah said that we just had to keep our baby in NICU for 1-1.5 months and everything would be normal. So true has it happened.

The service at Surya is the best that we had. Dr. Sachin Shah and Amita mam would share the regular observations and were very supportive. Also, the sisters were very co-operative and took the utmost care of our baby while in NICU. Also, the sisters and maushi were always ready to help. The security guards were also very strict in NICU rules following and were very co-operative.

Our doctor said that Surya is the best hospital and we ourselves experienced it. I would suggest Surya to anyone now. There are lot many experiences to write but you yourself shall experience these here. All the best.

Amar and Rupali Patil


We sincerely thank staff and doctors of Surya hospital for handling our son’s medical problem brilliantly. Nurses and staff had been very co-operative and helpful. They took utmost care while our son was recovering from pneumonia.

Always cheerful and smiling yet efficient staff. Three cheers to them for handling everything extremely well and taking the pressure head on. The security stationed outside as very good too. Firm yet polite as they are the gatekeepers. Thanks to them also for bearing with endless enquiries.

Once again, we truly appreciate all the efforts and expertise that made our son well.

Thanks and regards,

Amit and Shilpy

Parents of Devansh Agarwal



Surya hospital and team,

I, Yogesh Phanase, want to thank all the doctors , staffs and management team of Surya hospital.

My son, Hrugved, 4 years old, was admitted in PICU for last 5 days. He is suffering from nephrotic syndrome from last two and a half years. Recently he had a relapse episode with plural fluid effusion in right chest. Dr. Shah sir, Kaul mam, Matnani sir and all the doctors of PICU treated an supported him very well.

All nursing staff, Rammya sister, Narsimma sister, Jyoti sister, Anu brother were caring and co-operative. I also thank management team for their kind support.

Thanking you

Yogesh Phanase



Dilip Mathew and Sheena DIlip

Parents of Justin Dilip Mathew

We would like to thank the doctors and staff of “SURYA MOTHER AND CHILD CARE” for the timely special care of Justin who was hospitalised on 2nd march 2017, at 10:30 pm as he was suffering from cough and cold, and after reaching the hospital he was diagnosed with Pneumonia, when he was in the casualty ward his BP was also low, and we were very tensed and there after it was all up to the entire team of Surya hospital, who took care of my son as he had to go through a lot of medicines for his recovery.

We would like to thank all, for his speedy recovery till today after shifting from PICU to the room.

Firstly, Dr. Sachin Shah who responded to my call and messages before getting admitted. We are very much thankful to you sir. And then at the casualty, Dr. Patil took lead along with the pediatric team at the PICU ward along with Dr. Amita and the nurses to name, Shridevi, Sheba, Ramaya, Komal, Jyoti, Rosemol and Mr. Anu the male nurse and all the names that I missed, their co-operation and support was available for all the 24 hours. Also thanks to the supporting staff.

We are also very pleased with the overall counselling which was given by the doctors with detailed information and the advantages for his speedy recovery.

Thanking you all with warm wishes.

Mr. Dilip Mathew and family



Surya hospital and team

I heartily give special thank you to all the PICU team for taking care of master Shashank Rajput. We were tensed for our son’s health but Dr. Sachin Shah , a great doctor who gave detailed information regarding treatment to be given to Shashank. We all are thankful to all of you.



The care taken by brothers and sisters inside PICU is superb no doubt. Very caring nature.

Once again thanks a lot to Dr. Sachin Shah, Dr. Amita Kaul and all Surya hospital team


Surendra B. Rajput and Pooja Rajput

Suggestions :

Canteen platform border should be made highlighted from door.


We would like to thank Dr. Sachin sir, Amrita mam, ICU and nursing staff of Surya hospital. We brought Satvik, our 10 months old baby in a very critical condition  with vital health parameters like pulse, glucose level, BP was very low. The way the team handles the case is really amazing and extraordinary. After 24 hours of uninteruupted treatment, they brought back our son to normal condition. They treat here with a human touch. Thank you for everything.

With warm regards.

Micky and Sushant singh


My daughter was admitted for dengue like sickness, her platelets were very low and her condition was very critical so she was admitted in PICU. I am highly grateful to all the staff of PICU and special thanks to Dr. Sachin Shah , Dr. Amrita Kaul and not to forget Dr. Ganesh and last but not the least all the nurses and staffs who took good care of my daughter and supported us in all the way they can. I am very with the treatment given to my daughter.

There was time when I was very scared but all the doctors helped us in every way and made us comfortable in that critical situation.

Thank you very much for bringing my daughter back to me. I will never ever forget this in my life.

Thanks and regards,

Maneesha Sharma, mother of Muskaan Sharma


Ayush Prasad,

We were referred by our old friend Dr. Priya Divan and first of all we all are thankful to her. Then the day Ayush was admiited, hospital provided all the required facilities on time. We are thankful to all the doctors of the hospital along with the sisters and staff. Special thanks to Dr. Sachin Shah and Dr. Dasmith Singh. I also thank all the doctors of ICU

I can say that this hospital has all the facilities and we feel safe here.

Thank you to all for saving Ayush.


Mamta Prasad

Dear team,

My daughter, Aarohi Vaidya got admitted to PICU because of bronchiolitis. She being an apple of my eye, I was a bit reluctant to leave her alone in PICU, having never been away from her for last 4 months. First day of her admission, I was continuously in tears everytime I saw her in PICU , not to mention but I was simultaneously angry that they were not letting me be by her side. But then the second day I was Ramya sister taking care of her exactly the way I would have done and that eased me a bit. The night came by and my daughter who generally sleeps through the night, decided to do otherwise. The sister on night shift was Soniya sister. She took my daughter from my arms and said, “didi , don’t worry, I will take care of her”. I saw her roam around the PICU with my daughter to soothe her. My daughter was not taking top feed, Sonia sister, while playing with her fed her with entire bowl. My daughter did not sleep throughout the entire night. Sonia sister took her in her arms and roamed around. Mavashi told me that my daughter was in sister’s arms the whole night. By the morning, my daughter did not want to come to me, not even look at me. She wanted to be with Sonia sister only.


Thank you doctors, sisters and the staff for taking care of my princess.

Child is precious member of family. Though we both husband and wife are doctors, that too my wife is paediatrician herself when my child had LRTI, we felt very anxious and lost our patience.

We wanted best facilities and treatment for our lovely daughter, consulted with senior paediatricians and everyone referred to us regarding Dr Sachin Shah sir and Surya Hospital and we had marvellous experience there.

Supportive words of sir and reassurance by the team help us to relieve our anxiety and great care by all the staff from PICU helped my child recover easily. It was a memorable experience with you and I am really thankful to you sir and all your staff from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Ravindra R. Patil, MCG  (Neurosurgery)

Dr. Shilpa R. Patil, MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics)


It was a terrible day for us when we were told that our 8 year old daughter was detected with ‘dengue shock syndrome’, which is a very rare ad deadly form.

The way Dr. Sachin sir and Kapil sir patiently listened to us and all our queries, counselled us continuously to assure that what she was going through was normal in this treatment really helped us sail through this rough patch.

Couldn’t really thank the loving and caring nurse and staff of PICU who so diligently took care and ensured speedy recovery.

They really are the backbone of the hospital!

I fell short of adequate words to express my gratitude to them.

To me, Dr. shah and his team are none less than God in disguise who gave my daughter a new life.

Thank you so much !

Rashmi Shrivastav




Surya mother and child care,

Super speciality hospital,


Subject : Regarding Feedback

Patient name : Kadlay Shaurya Sumit

Respected sir,

With reference to the above cited subject I would like to inform you that when I admitted to my son to this hospital that time his health was very bad. His body temperature, platelets, everything was poor. He was suffering from typhoid and dengue both.

But after admission to your hospital, your care, treatment, hospitality, medicines given by you, he is now very well. Within 3 days his health was excellent. I am thankful to your entire team of PICU and all the doctors.

My special thanks to Dr. Sachin Shah for his excellent and great management of the hospital. Sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I give my best wishes to you sir and

Surya hospital.

Thanks and regards,

Professor Kadlay sunil S.

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