Emergency Services

Surya Hospital’s frontline emergency services not only set us a class above other healthcare setups, but also makes us industry benchmarks with some unmatched features like:

24x7 dedicated “Neonatal Lifeline Ambulance”

Most of the ambulances available in the city are equipped to handle adult patients, with bigger bed, stretcher and equipments to handle adult emergencies. When it comes to neonates and Pediatric patients, their needs are different. Being a speciality healthcare hospital for neonates and children, we understand their needs better.

Our ‘Neonatal Lifeline Ambulance’ is equipped with special neonatal bed, complete range of Neonatal equipment like Radiant Warmers, Resuscitation systems, Neonatal Ventilators and other phototherapy devices. The Auto-loading stretcher is of a special kind, which can transport neonates with Transport Incubators.

In addition to equipments, our ambulances are accompanied by a Neonatologists / Pediatrician and support staff to ensure extra care to handle newly born babies and transport them safely to Surya Hospital while proper care is extended during the transportation.

IUT or In-Utero Transfer

Following pregnancies are considered high-risk
  • If delivery is expected before 30 weeks of pregnancy
  • If weight of child is expected to be less than 1 kg during delivery
  • When antenatal diagnosis indicates defects in baby requiring immediate intervention
  • If any maternal or foetal condition where extensive artificial respiration may be needed
  • When maternal conditions like high blood pressure or bleeding with delivery expected in 24 hours
  • Twins / triplets
In premature deliveries or high-risk deliveries, the care received during critical ‘Golden hour after birth’ is vital. Sometimes, heavy traffic on city roads or timely availability of canadian drugs.

To manage such situations better, Surya Hospitals offer patients an unique service – In-Utero Transfer.

IUT or In-Utero Transfer means transfer of pregnant woman from peripheral hospital or maternity centre to a maternal-cum-neonatal hospital for delivery.

Surya Hospital’s well equipped ‘birthing facilities’ and ‘neonatal care facilities like NICU and care by expert Neonatologists, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and if needed, consultation and intervention of other super-specialty doctors make Surya Hospitals the ideal choice for high risk deliveries.

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