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Director, Dr. Sachin Shah,
Surya Mother and Child Superspecialty Hospital, Pune

Excellence and ethical care at affordable cost

Welcome to Surya Mother and Child Superspeciality Hospital.

Surya Mother and Child hospital is a 110 bedded super-specialty hospital dedicated to the health of newborn, children and women across all ages.

All pediatric sub specialties are available under one roof along with comprehensive maternal care. It helps in delivering optimum care to the child. Such hospitals are the norm in western countries but the concept is lacking in India. To fill up this void, we started this hospital and can proudly say that we are the pioneers of this concept in Maharashtra.

We intend to provide focused care to this one unit (mother and child) since we believe that this will ensure best outcome for mothers and children and finally they can have a hospital which they can call their "OWN".

As the largest Pediatric health center in Pune, we are driven by a mission, every day, to improve the health of children by providing the best possible care, creating groundbreaking scientific and clinical advancements and training the next generation of experts in child health. This work is having an impact not only at local level but also at state and national level.

As a maternity speciality hospital, we provide comprehensive services ranging from health promotion to clinical expertise and leadership in maternity and gynecology. Our aim is to set the benchmark in women’s health and to support women manage their health, age positively and enjoy the best possible quality of life.

We believe in delivering highest possible care, in an ethical manner, at an affordable price to the patients.  We are ably supported in this gesture by generous donations from our well wishers and our former patients.

We encourage you to take time to browse through our website to learn about Surya and we look forward to sharing our progress with you and keeping you up to date through social media.

Dr. Sachin Shah

Director, Surya Hospital, Pune

Know more about Dr. Sachin Shah

M.D (Pediatrics), D.M. (Neonatology), Fellowship in Neonatology (Australia), Fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Care (Canada)

Dr. Sachin Shah is a renowned Pediatrician and Neonatologist in Pune.

During his more than 15 years practice, he has managed many critical cases to give health and life to neonates and children. He has brought in the latest technology and expertise to Pune Surya Hospital.

Areas of specialisation

  • Neonatal Intensive Care includes Care of preterm, Low birth weight infants, Meconium aspiration syndrome, Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN), Respiratory distress syndrome, Neonatal emergencies.
  • Pediatric Intensive Care to children with Respiratory failure, shock, sepsis, head injury, Multiorgan dysfunction, Neurological and cardiac emergencies & Postoperative management.

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