Dr. Masumi Shah


  • B.P.Th

Area of Expertise: 

  • Paediatric physiotherapy
  • Early Intervention Specialist
  • Neonatal Therapist
  • Early Autism Intervention Therapist

OPD Timing: 

Mon & Fri: 2 PM - 6 PM, Sat: By Appointment


  • Dr. Masumi Shah has more than 7 years of experience in providing Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) and Sensory Integration Therapy (SI) to the Paediatric population (0-18 years).
  • She holds a certificate in the Early Start Denver Model-Introductory Course (Therapy for children with Autism from 12-48 months of age based on Developmental and Behavioral principles) from the UC Davis Mind Institute, California and has also completed the Autism Intervention Training Program from Ummeed CDC, Mumbai.
  • She is an expert in providing Early Intervention Therapy for infants and toddlers from 0-5 years of age with various Neuromuscular conditions like Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delays, Developmental Delays due to prematurity, Spina Bifida, Infantile spasms, Down’s syndrome, Spinal muscular atrophy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Pierre Robin syndrome and various other genetic syndromes, and other Musculoskeletal conditions like Torticollis, CTEV, Pronated feet, AMC etc.
  • She also provides the ESDM and AITP for young children with Autism (12-48 months of age) helping them achieve age appropriate social and communication skills, and collaborating with the family to implement home strategies to achieve the same.
  • She is also an expert in Neonatal Therapy, providing Family Centered Developmental Care in the NICU and follow-up therapy for the high risk neonates.

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