Paediatric Physiotherapy take care of children from newborn to 16 years of age by use of expert knowledge in child development.

The treatment is -

  • based on appropriate assessment and counselling # tailored to individual needs # focused on maximising the functional skills and improving quality of life.

We treat conditions in -

  • Neurologic-Cerebral Palsy, congenital syndromes and myopathies, etc.
  • Orthopaedic - torticollis, congenital deformities, botox related therapy, etc.
  • Cardiorespiratory -respiratory infections and cardiac conditions, etc.

We also have specialised services in paediatric intensive care unit.

Dr. Atmi Shah

PHYSIOTHERAPIST , B.P.Th Manual Therapy & Neural Mobilization Pilates & Dry Needling Kinesio Taping & Kinetic Control Posture Training, Gait & Foot Analysis

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Dr. Masumi Shah

PHYSIOTHERAPIST, B.P.Th Area of Expertise: Paediatric physiotherapy
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Dr. Snehal Gadhecha

BPTh/ Certified Paediatric Early Intervention Specialist(UK) / Paediatric Neuro Rehab Specialist/ Neonatal Therapist

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