Pediatric Neurology is a developing subspecialty in India and caters to a large population of children with neurological issues.

Epilepsy is one of the most common cause of referral to a child Neurologist. Epilepsy is a condition with recurrent episodes of seizures, caused due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Epilepsy can be seen in all ages, Right from new born babies to adolescents. Most of the cases are due to childhood epilepsy syndrome, an age dependent phenomena that essentially has a good outcome. Proper identification of the syndrome with appropriate parental counselling and choice of medication is essential to understand and treat this group of epilepsy eg: Febrile seizures, Childhood absence epilepsy, Benign Rolandic epilepsy etc.

A small proportion of children have difficult to treat epilepsy and require multiple medications to achieve control.Options other than medication are Ketogenic diet, surgery for Epilepsy and Vagal nerve stimulation.

In Neurology OPD, we cater to children with muscle and nerve disease, developmental disabilities, childhood strokes, movement disorders, eye problems in relation to neurological illness, inborn errors of metabolism, tumours etc.

We have a dedicated intensive care facility with round the clock support for ill patients. Nearly 20% of cases admitted to the PICU have a primary neurological condition requiring a dedicated neurologist in the intensive care team.

Our Pediatric Neurologist Team are expertise in management of epilepsy, behavioural/developmental disorders [including early autism spectrum diagnosis] and a spectrum of neurological disorders.. Scope services are as follows: epilepsy, Strokes, Neuromuscular disorders, headaches, Autism, ADHD and other behavioural/developmental disorders under guidance of world renowned Neurology faculties.

Dr. Shekhar Patil

MBBS, MD, DM (Neurology)
Director & Head, Department of Neurosciences

Fellowship in pediatric Neurology Epilepsy, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, UK


Dr. Omkar Hajirnis

MD, DNB (Pediatrics), MRCPCH (UK), Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology Area of Expertise: Cerebral palsy, Developmental delay, Epilepsy, Various genetic and metabolic disorders, Autism and Hyperactivity CONSULTANT PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGIST & EPILEPTOLOGIST PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

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