Lactation Consultant

The most significant importance of breastfeeding is not breast milk alone but the mechanics of breastfeeding that allows for optimal jaw, teeth, airway and speech development as well as overall facial development.

What wraps it all up is the 'mothering' through breastfeeding for baby's overall wellbeing.  Therefore the care for breastfeeding and lactation must start early and must remain ongoing through the care for women.

Our Lactation consultants at Surya hospital helps mothers to learn how to feed their babies and answer questions and teach women who have breastfeeding difficulties such as latching problems, insufficient milk production and painful nursing.

Mrs. Reshma Siddhaye

HUMAN LACTATION MANAGEMENT, SUPPORTED BY UNICEF & MOTHER SUPPORT COUNSELLOR COURSE Area of Expertise: Antenatal and PreNatal counselling, support and promote mothers for successful breastfeeding, dealing with problems concerning lactations
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