At Surya Hospital, we have Pediatric haematologist – oncologist available from Monday to Saturday.

These doctors have special training in the above subject, beyond Pediatrics, they have been trained to diagnose and treat children with blood disorders and cancers.

They not only treat benign haematological conditions like thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia, aplastic anaemia etc. but also handle haematological malignancies like leukaemia, lymphoma etc.

They also have an expertise in handling solid tumours like neuroblastoma, soft tissue sarcomas, Wilms tumour etc.

The fact that a child is not an adult and that there are specialists for children different from adults, the same corollary holds true for children with haematological problems. Hence the need to refer these children to a Pediatric haematologist-oncologist and not an adult physician to benefit the patients to the optimum.

We are Surya Hospitals have 2 Pediatric Haematologist- Oncologists who have done a 2 year fellowship in Pediatric Haematology-Oncology beyond MD Pediatrics. With experts available to handle these children, looking for your support to refer these children to our centre to deliver the optimum care for these children and brighten their future.

Services Available in Pediatric Haematology - Oncology Unit

  1. Blood Investigations
  2. Bone marrow aspiration & Biopsy
  3. Port & PICC Line Insertion 
  4. Chemotherapy
  5. Intra thecal chemotherapy
  6. Targeted Therapy
  7. Tissue biopsies
  8. Full Backup of Pediatric Surgeons

Dr. Mukesh Desai

MBBS, MD, DCH (HAEMATOLOGY-ONCOLOGY) Area of Expertise: Haematology,  Haemato-oncology, Immunology

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Dr. Nisha Iyer

MD Paediatrics Fellowship in Paediatric Haemato-oncology Area of Expertise Children with all types of cancers: Blood, Bones, Brain Tumor etc. Children with various benign disorders of the Blood like Anaemias, Low Platelets.

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