Child Development and Behaviour (ABA) Centre

Child Development and Behavior (ABA) Center

Surya Child Development and Behavior ( ABA ) Center is one of its kind in Mumbai where we diagnose, assess and intervene kids with various delays and difficulties to help them optimize and enhance their  present functional skills in order to perform age appropriate  tasks and activities under below mentioned areas of development:

  • Attention and Cooperation
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Speech, Language and Communication
  • Play and Leisure
  • Social Interaction and Group Behavior
  • Daily Living and Life Skills
  • Academic Readiness

Therapies and Therapeutic approach under a roof:

  • ABA,Behavior Therapy based on Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Occupational Therapy based on Sensory Integration & Neurodevelopment Therapy
  • Speech therapy based on Verbal Behavior Training & Oral Placement Therapy
  • Remedial Therapy
  • Parent Child Counseling based on CBT/REBT
  • Psychological Testing

Treatment and Therapies for Individuals with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Learning Disability
  • Developmental Delay
  • Motor Coordination and Planning Difficulties
  • Speech and Language Difficulties
  • Emotional Behavior Difficulties
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Developmental disorders associated with preterm babies
  • Learning disorders
  • Down syndrome
  • Toileting problems
  • Emotional problems / Depression
  • High-Risk infant

Assessments and Evaluations:

  • Assessment for Attention and Co-operation
  • Assessment for Speech, Language  and Communication
  • Assessment for Physical Wellbeing
  • Assessment for Play and Leisure
  • Assessment for Social and Group Behavior
  • Assessment for Academic Readiness
  • Assessment for Daily Living & Life Skills
  • Assessment for Overall Skill Development and Behavioral concerns
    (Developmental Milestone Check)
  • Assessment for Intelligence ( IQ)
  • Assessment of Personality and interest for Career Guidance (Aptitude Test)
  • Assessment for Emotional Behavior (EQ)
  • Autism Evaluation
  • ADHD Evaluation
  • LD Evaluation

Intervention Programs:

  • Skill Development Sessions
    • Home based Intervention (Home Training)
    • Center based Intervention
    • School based Intervention (Shadow Teaching)
  • Parents Training Session
  • Intensive Skill Development and Parents training Program
  • Parents and Professional Training Workshops

The Process of Assessment, Treatment and Therapy

  • Individuals with Delays and Difficulties
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Intervention Programs as per the assessment results

Center Timing:
Monday to Saturday; 10 am - 7 pm

Call @ 9372935359/8169985469/9920528752 to book your appointment.

Dr. Rajeshwari Ganesh

MBBS, MD (PAEDIATRICS-USAIM), DCH , FELLOWSHIP IN DEVELOPMENTAL PAEDIATRICS FROM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Area of Expertise: Autism, Learning Disabilities, Behavioural Problems in Children, Attention Deficit Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment, Cerebral Palsy, diagnosis of milestone delay (developmental delay) & assessment of high risk neonates. CONSULTANT PEDIATRIC DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Dr Rajeshwari brings with her more than a decade of experience in…

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Binal Shah


Binal Shah is a Child Development and Behavior Modification Consultant based in Mumbai.

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