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Kidney Dialysis Centre

Kidney Dialysis Centre in Pune

We provide you with the best cure for kidney diseases with advanced diagnostics, comprehensive care, and the best nephrology and dialysis treatments. Our team of specialists for kidney dialysis in Pune provides you with world-class dialysis facilities. We also make you feel comfortable and safe with strict adherence to medical protocol and hospital best practices.


Kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body. It helps remove excess waste and fluids from our bodies. Kidneys also help to regulate blood pressure and the concentrations of chemical components in the blood. These elements include sodium and potassium. Our kidneys even stimulate the production of a kind of vitamin D that aids in better absorption of calcium in your body.

When kidneys are unable to perform these functions due to disease or injury, dialysis may help keep the kidneys working properly. If you have been diagnosed with kidney failure and are in need of dialysis treatment, count on our World-Class Haemodialysis centre in Pune.

Facilities Provided At Our Dialysis Centre

  • Advanced and state-of-the-art Fresenius RO Plant for the better quality of RO water
  • We follow a multidisciplinary patient-centric approach that starts with diagnosis and extends through renal treatment and aftercare.
  • Daily monitoring and individual attention by senior doctors and team members
  • Our doctors manage everything by analyzing a patient’s health based on several aspects, including availability, convenience, underlying medical problems, and age
  • State-of-the-art Hemodialysis machines are imported from countries like Germany and Japan and are the latest in their field.
  • Special dialysis couches at each individual station with air-conditioned surroundings.
  • Patients who are HBsAg and HCV positive are given dedicated and specialized machines for comfort.


We at Surya Mother and Child Super Specialty hospital believe in giving our patients the best
care possible. We are well equipped with the latest equipment for Kidney Dialysis, some of these are:

  • Top-notch dialyzer machine with trained operators
  • Reverse Osmosis pipelines that are imported from countries like Germany and Japan
  • Dialyzer and tubing systems for every patient. These tubes and dialyzers are single-use and are never repeated to prevent infections and other complications
  • Monitoring systems that enable the doctors to overlook the procedures for every single patient

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