Antenatal Care

A couple, eager to become parents, celebrates the news of their baby's arrival in great joy and anticipation. From the moment they get the news, they start making preparations toelcome their little one into this world. But the most crucial and often overlooked is the preparation for pregnancy. The mother has to undergo many emotional and physical changes during her pregnancy.

Due to which, most mothers experience mental stress and pain in various parts of the body. This consequently may have adverse impact on the health of the baby. So the first preparation to be done by parents is to begin the practice of prenatal Yoga, which benefits the health of mother and the baby inside, as scientifically proven.

  • Pain Less Delivery / Normal Delivery
    Yoga can be done during the pregnancy period for a safe, painless and uneventful delivery it will prepare your mind and body for labor and normal delivery.
  • Hormonal balance
    Practicing yoga and rabbit pose can help balance your hormones keeping you healthy.
  • Safe for all stages of pregnancy
    Yoga is necessary during pregnancy
  • 9 Months Enjoy, Smile & Happiness
    Continue Yoga for happy smiling

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